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TSCD®-II Sterile Tubing Welder With TOMEs Stations

Combine the Reliability of the TSCD-II Sterile Tubing Welder With the Power of a Connected Data Environment

The TSCD-II Sterile Tubing Welder from Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies is used in blood centers and laboratories around the world for tasks such as blood component pooling, leukoreduction, quality control sampling, and cell washing and freezing. As a proven blood bank operations tool, it is designed to ensure closed-system sterility, ease of use, and flexibility — allowing you to connect polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tubing in any combination of wet and dry.

Now you can take blood center operational performance even further by empowering the TSCD-II welder with the bidirectional connectivity of TOMEs (Terumo Operational Medical Equipment Software). TOMEs delivers vital integration and data sharing between TSCD-II (and other compatible devices) and your central information system.


Why Add TOMEs Blood Center Software to TSCD-II Sterile Tube Welding Devices?

Siloed data and decentralized device management can often lead to inefficiencies, limit your ability to identify process improvement opportunities, and more. With the bidrectional communication of TOMEs, your blood bank, blood center, or blood component lab can leverage a powerful network of connected data and centrally managed workflows.

The two-way connectivity between sterile tubing welders and information systems can also help you do even more to transform your blood organization’s performance, adhere to standard operating procedures and Good Manufacturing Practices, and support safe and efficient operations.

Support Both Blood Product Safety and High Productivity

Communicate With Your BECS

With TOMEs Stations, you can:

  • Automatically export procedure data for your blood establishment computer system (BECS)
  • Allow operators to access data from your BECS or other TOMEs-compatible networked devices
  • Electronically verify the viability of the product for further processing
  • Allow the system to access unit-specific collection and processing information from the BECS to facilitate processing and improve product consistency
  • Eliminate manual documentation, saving time and reducing human errors

Integrate Operations

By combining TSCD-II welders and TOMEs Stations, you can:

  • Centralize programming and manage and monitor your devices
  • Customize your procedure steps and add custom prompts for better process control
  • Cross-check barcodes to ensure accuracy and improve safety
  • Capture each step of the welding process to enhance product traceability
  • Guide operation, including weld inspection prompts

Create Consistent, Sturdy Welds

Our TSCD-II welder:

  • Uses an LCD screen to display device status and guide operators through the welding process
  • Maintains a closed system
  • Reduces the risk of jams with a sterile tubing welder wafer monitor, automated wafer feed, and large used-wafer disposal box

Better data management. Better process control. Better operational visibility.

Let’s make it happen with TSCD-II and TOMEs Stations.


Information Sheet

TSCD®-II Welder + TOMEs Stations

Product Brochure

TSCD®-II Sterile Tubing Welder + TOMEs Stations

Please contact your Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies representative to discover all of the possible integrations that match your team’s needs.

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TSCD-II welder and TOMEs Stations are available in select markets.

TSCD® is a registered trademark of Terumo Corporation, Japan.

Tubing shall meet the specifications for the welder.

TSCD-II/TOMEs Total System

Create Reliable, Sturdy Welds

The TSCD-II® Sterile Tubing Welder is a next-generation closed-system device suitable for a wide range of lab applications. The TSCD-II welder creates polyvinyl chloride (PVC) connections and can be used to weld any combination of wet and dry tubing.

Integrate Operations

Adding TOMEs allows you to use your PC or tablet to operate your TSCD-II welder and enables bidirectional communication between your networked TSCD-II welder and your BBIS. This helps strengthen your processes and improve efficiencies.

Offers one-handed operation.
Can enable you to eliminate manual documentation—saving time and reducing human errors.

Guides operation, including weld inspection prompts.


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