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T-RAC II/TOMEs Total System

Standardized Collections

The T-RAC II (Terumo Recording & Automatic Blood Collector) is a blood collection weighing and mixing device designed to standardize whole blood collections and improve the traceability of blood products. Innovative technology helps make the T-RAC II device highly flexible to better meet the specific needs of individual blood centers. Whether used in centers or on mobile drives, the device is easy to configure. Thoughtful features such as a large color touch screen, data management and remote control make the T-RAC II device easy to operate.

Enhanced Process Control

Adding TOMEs centralizes configuration and data management of your networked T-RAC II devices.

Through bidirectional communication with your BBIS, TOMEs can share collection data with other TOMEs-compatible devices to automate processing decisions based on parameters you set. This helps ensure operators automatically process the collection based on your blood center’s needs and requirements.


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