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Terumo Operational Medical Equipment Software
Overview Data Management Process Control Operational Visibility TOMEs Network Materials

Software to Make Your System Smarter

TOMEs empowers blood centers and processing labs to achieve operational excellence. Use TOMES to link compatible devices with your blood bank and other data management systems to create a powerful network that informs decisions, supports compliance and traceability, helps maximize donations and enables more productive operations. Here’s how:

Comprehensive Data Management

Consistent Process Control

Complete Operational Visibility

Top 10 TOMEs Features

    1. Bidirectional communication with information management systems

    2. Customized process control

    3. Electronic data capture

    4. Intelligent barcode configuration

    5. Centralized device settings

    6. Device and procedure status monitoring

    7. Custom reporting and procedure data export

    8. Operator management and authentication

    9. Procedure priority list management

    10. Interoperability among TOMEs-connected devices

Comprehensive Data Management

Your data can be a powerful ally in improving blood center operations—but only if it is captured completely and accurately. TOMEs makes data management easier with electronic data capture, intelligent barcode configuration and bidirectional communication.

Electronic data capture:

  • Saves time and simplifies record-keeping
  • Creates a complete, accurate and secure record, which improves traceability and supports regulatory compliance
  • Minimizes the need for manual data entry—and the potential for errors
  • Enables a more comprehensive view of device, procedure and operator performance

Intelligent barcode configuration:

  • Allows you to create various barcodes to identify and share information about supplies, incidents, operator ID, donation ID, sample tubes and more
  • Captures manual steps (such as “gave calcium to donor”) and observations (such as “platelets clumping”) to give you a complete picture of every procedure
  • Validates procedure data against blood bank information system data, such as expiration dates or donor eligibility, to enhance donor safety

Bidirectional communication:

  • Allows seamless data transmission to and from your information management systems and other TOMEs-compatible devices
  • Delivers the data needed to inform business or operations decisions
  • Protects your data from loss or unauthorized access with built-in redundancy, privacy controls and user restrictions
  • Complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with the ability to encrypt data and de-identify personal information
  • Provides automatic validation of donor information and donation parameters

Consistent Process Control

TOMEs can help make operators’ jobs easier while improving your blood center’s productivity. With bidirectional communication and centralized device configuration, you can guide your operators, capture their actions and control your processes every step of the way, using on-screen prompts, cross-checks and intelligent barcodes.

This level of process control can help you:

  • Direct necessary actions and eliminate unnecessary steps, allowing operators to get more done, more efficiently and consistently
  • Enforce standard operating procedures (SOPs) and support good manufacturing practices (GMPs)
  • Meet stringent regulations for safety, security and traceability
  • Improve operator satisfaction and make it easy to train new operators
  • Help eliminate product loss caused by process missteps or manual data entry mistakes
  • Enhance donor safety through validation of donor information, donation parameters and procedure selection

Complete Operational Visibility

TOMEs now includes functionality including bidirectional communication, electronic data capture and real-time device activity monitoring that helps you shift resources and collection strategies to meet changing demands.

Get more visibility and control to help you:

  • Manage short-term production needs, develop strategies to maximize collections and improve overall operations
  • Quickly adjust donation and processing priorities based on real-time inventory status or changes in demand
  • See the activity status of every connected device—even across multiple facilities—to minimize downtime and maximize productivity
  • Uncover gaps in device, facility and operator productivity to find training opportunities and troubleshoot performance issues

Build Your TOMEs Network

A single TOMEs device can interface with multiple Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies systems, connecting them to each other, as well as to your blood bank and other data management systems. This allows you to gain even more efficiencies from your devices and maximize donations from every donor. And in the future, TOMEs may offer compatibility with a wider range of devices.

Trima Accel 7 + TOMEs:
7 Reasons Why They’re Better Together

  1. Bidirectional communication: Seamlessly transfer critical procedure, collection, donor, operator and device data to and from your blood bank and other data management systems.
  2. Electronic data capture: Minimize manual data entry while creating a complete and accurate record, improving traceability and supporting regulatory compliance.
  3. Centralized device management: Save time when you configure settings and apply programs directly from the TOMEs interface.
  4. Custom procedure flow: Enforce standard operating procedures (SOPs) and good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and support regulatory compliance while reducing the potential for human error.
  5. Barcode configuration: Scan the barcodes to quickly, completely and accurately capture procedure and process data, including manual steps.
  6. Procedure priority list (PPL) management: Define an unlimited number of PPLs with up to 100 procedures in each and up to 50 definitions for each product type.
  7. Device monitoring: See device and procedure status at a glance so you can shift resources and priorities to meet business needs in real time.

Take a tour of the new Trima Accel Automated Blood Collection System Version 7

T-RAC II (Terumo Recording & Automatic Blood Collector): Standardize Whole Blood Collections, Improve Traceability

Adding TOMEs to T-RAC II takes the guesswork out of whole blood collections for your operators. TOMEs lets you program processes on your networked T-RAC II devices, cross-check and verify data with your blood bank information system, and automatically capture procedure data, resulting in standardized collections and improved traceability.

CASE STUDY: Blood bank eliminates manual data entry, improves productivity, accuracy and traceability

TACSI® PL (Terumo Automated Centrifuge & Separator Integration): Create High-Quality Platelets, Optimize Processes 

Adding TOMEs to TACSI PL enables greater control of processing and data management. As a total system, TACSI PL + TOMEs communicates with your blood bank and other data management systems to inform processing needs, verify product data and improve reporting and traceability.

T-ACE II+ Automatic Component Extractor:  Standardize Blood Processing, Reinforce Good Manufacturing Practices

Connecting TOMEs to T-ACE II+ enables advanced automation capabilities with device-specific configurations and expression protocols based on parameters established by your blood center and stored in your blood bank and other data management systems. TOMEs also captures and transfers process and product data from T-ACE II+ to your data management systems.

TSCD-II® Sterile Tubing Welder: Guide Processes, Enhance Quality

Linking TOMEs and TSCD-II not only helps guide operators through the welding process but also captures and records each step to enhance product traceability and improve adherence to GMPs.

Third-Party Digital Scales: Improve Consistency, Ensure Accuracy

Using TOMEs with your digital scales saves operators time and worry because it allows you to customize and guide procedure steps, verify products, improve traceability and capture process and product data seamlessly through bidirectional communication with your blood bank and other data management systems.


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