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Terumo Operational Medical Equipment Software
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Welcome to TOMEs V6: The Software Created to Integrate Operations

This powerful software is designed to help advance blood center and component lab operations. Used across your blood center, TOMEs can help drive higher levels of performance, efficiency, cost effectiveness and regulatory compliance.

Unlike other software solutions, TOMEs allows you to integrate, manage and monitor your TOMEs-compatible devices, working across your business and with your blood bank information system (BBIS). The kind of digital power you get with TOMEs V6 is new. And in the future, TOMEs may offer compatibility with a wider range of systems, improving the functionality and enhancing your control of other compatible devices.

Discover how your blood center and processing lab could benefit from all TOMEs has to offer. While you learn about how it works and what you could accomplish with greater connectivity, imagine TOMEs at work in your organization.

What could you do with the power of TOMEs? How might your business grow stronger, better and more profitable? And how can we help you make it happen?


With centralized management of devices, process control and real-time visibility, you can:

Make rapid business decisions based on real-time data
Automate business processes to save time and eliminate manual errors
Capture operational efficiencies with operational visibility
Optimize processing and compliance with the ability to exchange data between devices
Improve performance through business intelligence and industry-leading expertise
Reduce IT complexity with a single software solution for device connectivity

Let’s make it happen.

Stop devoting time to paper records, manual transcription and human errors associated with them.

Better data management improves:

  • Productivity
  • Accuracy
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Safety
  • Record-keeping

Know that you are covered: automation, security, compatibility and redundancy give you peace of mind.

Guide your operators, capture their actions and control your processes, every step of the way.

Enforce compliance with:

  • Your standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Your regulatory requirements
  • Your good manufacturing practices (GMP)

Customizable, central device programming; smart barcodes, cross-checks and operator prompts guide your staff through each step of your process.

Make fact-based decisions that improve your business, then track performance and adjust as needed.

Custom, operation-wide monitoring and reports help:

  • Collect, sort and pull the data that is most meaningful to your business
  • Uncover opportunities for improving processes, productivity and staff efficiency
  • Facilitate swift and preventive action

One integrated system minimizes cost and complexity associated with equipment, IT overhead and labor.

Build your TOMEs network


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