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Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE)
Providing Nephrologists With a Solution That Adapts to Their Needs
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Spectra Optia® Apheresis System

The Spectra Optia system is just one example of our commitment to advancing apheresis through innovation in plasmapheresis using centrifugal technology.

The TPE protocol provides clinicians and operators with a solution that adapts to their needs and improves the patient experience.

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Ease of Use

The Spectra Optia system simplifies the operator’s work and makes it easy to complete procedures.

  • The intuitive touch screen guides the operator through an eight-step TPE procedure
  • The operator can safely pause the procedure at any point without losing procedure information
  • The operator can access automated calculations of parameters, such as:
    • Total blood volume
    • Anticoagulant infusion rate
    • Plasma volume

Efficient Procedure Time

Enhance Operator Comfort and Patient Safety

The Spectra Optias system provides an efficient TPE procedure time while maintaining procedural safety limits, allowing operators to maximize the time with patients and improve the patient experience.

Flow Rates

Flow rates up to 142 mL/min can be used while maintaining procedure efficiency.5 For a smaller patient, a flow rate of 5 mL/min or less can be used. This adapts to the operator’s needs and the patient’s condition.

Perform TPE in 8 Easy Steps6

  1. Turn on device and select procedure
  2. Load filler and tubing set
  3. Prime tubing set
  4. Enter and confirm patient and procedure data
  5. Prime inlet, return, and replace lines
  6. Connect patient and start procedure
    1. Monitor patient and procedure, manage replacement fluid
  7. Perform rinseback and disconnect
  8. Document run values

Multiple Venous Access Options

When tailoring a procedure for any patient, operators appreciate the flexibility of the multiple venous access options that can be used with the Spectra Optia system, including:

  • Peripheral venous access with single- or dual-needle options
  • Other venous access options, such as:
    • Central venous catheter
    • Arteriovenous (AV) fistula or AV graft
    • Implanted ports

Count On Demonstrated Dependability

The reliability of the Spectra Optia system offers peace of mind for physicians and operators alike. No clotting event resulting in premature ending of a TPE procedure or obliged use of an additional tubing set has ever been reported in peer-reviewed literature on the Spectra Optia system. The operator can depend on the Spectra Optia system to provide accurate anticoagulant management.

Find out how TPE on the Spectra Optia system adapts to your needs and improves the patient experience.

1Timing study based on internal laboratory time studies using highly trained operators. Time is approximate and results may vary depending on operator experience. Data on file.

2Data on file; encompasses data from more than 40,000 procedures.

3The Spectra Optia system has safety limits to ensure patient safety during the procedure. Those safety limits include, but are not limited to, AC infusion rate limits, fluid balance limits and pump flow rate limits.

4Kes P, et al., “A Randomized Crossover Study Comparing Membrane and Centrifugal Therapeutic Plasma Exchange Procedures.” Transfusion 2016; in press.

5Procedures can be defined as being efficient in terms of the following:

  • Plasma removal efficiency (PRE)
  • Fluid balance
  • Anticoagulant management
  • Run targets
  • Pump flow rate accuracy

6Reference the Spectra Optia system Operator’s Manual for complete operating instructions.

7Puppe B and EJ Kingdon, “Membrane and Centrifugal Therapeutic Plasma Exchange: Practical Difficulties in Anticoagulating the Extracorporeal Circuit.” Clinical Kidney Journal 2014; 7 (2): 201–205.