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Automatic Component Extractor
Automation: Where All Operators Are Created Equal

It’s only natural that manual processing creates product variability; after all, no two laboratory technicians are the same.

But the T-ACE II+ Automatic Component Extractor can make up for the differences, helping your laboratory produce more standardized, higher-quality products and capture the other benefits of automated processing.

The T-ACE II+ system is a flexible, automated blood component extractor that helps standardize processing of centrifuged blood in accordance with good manufacturing practices (GMP). GMP is a multi-faceted system designed to minimize the risks involved in processing blood that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product.

Precisely Versatile

  • Accommodates all Terumo common bag systems, including top-and-bottom (TAB) and top-and-top (conventional) types, both with and without inline filters
  • Performs a wide range of first- and second-separation processes; protocols include methods to produce Red Blood Cells, Platelet-Rich Plasma, Platelet-Poor Plasma, Buffy Coat Platelets and Platelet Concentrate
  • Provides added flexibility through 11 customizable programs; defines, adapts and stores protocol parameters and powerful subroutines to meet your needs
  • Offers special subroutines, such as air removal in filtered blood, aliquoting, buffy coat dilution and more

Reliable and Safe

  • Automatically verifies the correct positioning of tubes, bags, frangible connectors and fluid flow based on the selected protocol
  • Guides operators step by step using a full-color, animated graphical display; provides schematic visualization of automated and microprocessor-controlled steps
  • Actively indicates component flow and weight, clamp positions and sealing functions using color changes
  • Issues both an audible signal and a visual alert (operation indicator) when the process is complete or if errors occur
  • Features a unique top-angled pneumatic press for a smooth start to extractions and enhanced layer stability
  • Provides pure components through intelligent interaction of a flow regulator and 11 optical sensors

How Could You Benefit From Using the T-ACE II+ System With TOMEs?

Learn how the power of software can increase your power to perform.

Precision Where You Need It Most

The T-ACE II+ system is a master at component expression.

It’s equipped with an internal microprocessor that monitors information from the scales and the optical and mechanical sensors integrated in the device. Using the information gathered, the T-ACE II+ system controls the pressure on the primary bag to direct the flow of blood components that are extracted.

The T-ACE II+ system works according to defined protocols. A wide set of parameters allows your blood center to customize and optimize protocols for different purposes to meet a wide range of customization needs.

T-ACE II+ and TOMEs are not approved for sale in the U.S. They are available in select markets.

For access to manuals, instructions for use and other technical documentation, please log in or register.


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