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Spectra Optia® Cell Collection Services
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Gain Insight and Control Through Your Cell Collection Data

The best possible starting material is critical to providing the best outcome.

Optimize Your Starting Material

Use Data to Drive Improvement of Your Cell Collections

Your manufacturing process is highly dependent on the quality of your starting material. Whether you are just starting your CAR T-cell therapy clinical trial or scaling up from phase 1 to phase 2, the starting material collected from the patient matters. No two patients are the same and collections can vary. Controlling what you can becomes all the more important.

Let our expertise paired with your procedural data provide a roadmap for achieving your goals.

Enhanced strategy

Data-driven decisions

Visibility into the process

Optimized starting product

Achievement of therapy objectives

Variability in CAR T-cell expansion may cause the contamination of the starting peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) concentrates with monocytes (non-target cells).1

Our Services

Spectra Optia Cell Collection Data Analytics
  • Single or multiple procedure data analysis
  • Comprehensive analysis from pre-procedure data through final therapy results
  • Optimization recommendations
  • Collection site comparison and benchmarking
  • On-site and off-site systems support

Spectra Optia Prediction Algorithm
  • Collection data review
  • Customized whole blood process calculation
  • Statistical summary analysis
Cell Collection Services

1Stroncek DF, Ren J, Lee DW, et al. Myeloid cells in peripheral blood mononuclear cell concentrates inhibit the expansion of chimeric antigen receptor T Cells. Cytotherapy. 2016;18(7):898-901.


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