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Automated Blood Processing System
Overview How It Works Software Materials
Advanced Automation:
A Whole New Level of Whole Blood Processing

Automation can improve operations and deliver impressive benefits to your blood center. The Reveos system is an easy-to-use platform that automates and integrates the manual steps of whole blood processing: from start to finish, whole blood to platelet concentrate.

Plus, you can process four units of whole blood in a single run. With the touch of a button, you can easily meet the challenges faced by component labs around the world.

Reveos System Benefits Include:*







*As compared to manual processing; data on file at Terumo BCT.

See the Reveos System at Work:

Delivers Versatility and Performance

The Reveos system offers the flexibility to quickly process whole blood using two procedures.

*Fresh Blood Protocols data on file at Terumo BCT.

How It Works

The Reveos system is an easy-to-use integrated and automated manufacturing system that processes blood components from whole blood units.

The Reveos System Consists of These Parts:

The Reveos device

A self-contained automated system that processes up to four whole blood units in a single run

Reveos System Manager (RSM)

An enhanced IT solution designed to manage the workflow for each device and provide reporting capabilities


The same set is used for whole blood collection, component processing and leukoreduction


A dedicated disposable set to pool and leukoreduce IPUs

Process Overview

The Reveos device, along with the RSM and the integrated processing set, enables consistent separation of blood into quality components. An integrated sealer seals all products at the end of the run.
  1. Up to four units of whole blood are loaded into the device.
  2. The rotor begins to spin, and the whole blood is separated into its components.
  3. Plasma, platelets and leukocytes are expressed into their respective product bags, and each bag is sealed.
  4. After the procedure, run data is transferred to the RSM.
  5. Products are unloaded for storage or additional processing.

Smarter Platelet Concentrate

The Reveos system is equipped with an innovative platelet yield Index (PYI) feature.

This exclusive, innovative feature provides a prediction of the platelet yield of the processed unit.


Software Helps the Reveos System Do Even More

To add flexibility and enhance troubleshooting, the Reveos system comes equipped with the Reveos System Manager (RSM) and is compatible with the Cadence® Data Collection System.

RSM Overview

The RSM is an enhanced data management and information system designed to effectively manage day-to-day operations. With the RSM, blood centers benefit from improved process control, traceability and management reporting capabilities.

Data transfer from the RSM to your Reveos device allows you to customize your procedures, security settings and more.

Data transfer from the Reveos device to the RSM allows you to generate valuable reports, ensure traceability, track processes, identify areas for improvement and more.

RSM Reports

The RSM also offers interface capabilities, allowing blood centers to use the RSM-collected data and import it into other blood banking systems. Reports provide detailed information that is useful in tracking products as well as individual operator and device performance.

Cadence Data Collection System

This service, provided by Terumo BCT, has the following benefits:

  • Enables the automatic collection and transfer of run information from the Reveos system
  • Collects data from your systems/devices and securely transfers it over the internet to Terumo BCT
  • Provides valuable data to help resolve issues quickly

The Reveos system is not cleared for sale in the U.S. It is available in select markets.

Cadence Data Collection System is available in select markets.

For access to manuals, instructions for use and other technical documentation, please log in or register.

Reveos Customer Testimonial Video


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