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Ancillary Products
for Blood Centers
Testing/Sampling Collection Processing Other
Providing a Range of Accessories

As a worldwide leader in blood component collection and processing, we offer a wide range of products to help meet your collection, processing and storage needs.

We are committed to helping you optimize your process—each step of the way—from tools that make blood donation more comfortable for donors and simpler for operators to the equipment used to process donations into the lifesaving gift of blood.

If there is something you need that you do not see here, please talk to your customer service representative.

CAPIJECT® Safety Lancet*

This high-quality single-use lancet makes capillary blood sampling safe and simple. To help you get the capillary blood samples you need from your patient or donor, it is available in a range of sizes.

Safe for Patients and Practitioners

  • Designed for single use
  • Lancet automatically retracts to reduce exposure to the blade or needle

Quick and Easy to Use

  • Ready to use right out of the box
  • Single-handed, one-step operation provides accuracy
  • Top-mounted activation button improves visibility for precise placement
  • Color-coded sizes allow quick identification of correct product
High Blood Flow
2 mm
1.5 mm
Low Blood Flow
1 mm
1.5 mm
Medium Blood Flow
1.5 mm
1.5 mm
Single Blood Drop
1.25 mm
28 G
Single Blood Drop
2.25 mm
23 G

Surshield® Safety Winged Infusion and Blood Collection Set*

Protect yourself and your staff from accidental needlestick injuries with this simple, yet effective, safety shield.

  • Soft, flexible interlocking wings conform to body contours
  • Angled wings for easy venipuncture and reduced risk of vessel damage or occlusion of the lumen
  • Simple, one-handed activation
  • No special needle insertion technique required
  • Coil-resistant tubing
  • Made without natural rubber latex or di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP)

SampLok® Tube Holder*

The SampLok tube holder is used to collect blood samples into multiple vacuum tubes and long-neck culture bottles.

SampLok has two features to safeguard against accidental needlesticks: the safety lid closes off the sampling needle, and the full-length tube holder barrel reduces exposure to the sampling needle.

  • Integrates safety features for collecting blood into vacuum tubes
  • Facilitates safe donor and patient blood sample collection and easily integrates onto blood collection or processing kits
  • Reduces risk of inadvertent injury from sampling needles
  • Works in tandem with the DonorCare® Needle Guard to lock and secure both needles

SampLok Kit

Includes a tube holder and luer adapter for use with the Diversion Blood Sampling Arm and Blood Sampling Arm blood bag to collect donor samples. A DonorCare needle guard can be locked in the holder after phlebotomy.

DonorCare and SampLok are registered trademarks of ITL Corporation, Melbourne, Australia.

SURFLO® Winged Infusion Set*

Ease the venipuncture process with angled entry and precise needle placement.

  • Soft, flexible interlocking wings conform to body contours
  • Wings are angled for easy venipuncture and reduced risk of vessel damage or occlusion of the lumen
  • Precisely honed needle with ultra-thin wall design allows ease of penetration and continued access with a single needle
  • Made without natural rubber latex or di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP)

*Not available in all markets.


MEDISYSTEMS® Apheresis Needle Set With MasterGuard® Anti-Stick Needle Protector

Safer than conventional needles, the needle set with MasterGuard has been shown to significantly reduce needlestick injuries.

  • FingerShield® anchor protects the pressure-holding fingers through the entire process
  • Clear tubing allows visualization of the needle point as it exits the donor
  • Unique design does not interfere with site selection, venipuncture technique or taping down the needle
  • Audible and tactile click confirms the needle is locked in place
  • Backeye-forward design reduces trauma and improves blood flow
  • Laminar flow path allows smoother flow
  • SlipCoat advanced silicone lubricant eases phlebotomy
  • Rotating wings are available for safer needle flipping
  • Set is made without natural rubber latex
Available in a wide selection of gauges, sizes and styles.

Soft, Green Hand Squeezer*

Unique shape and soft material comfortably accommodate a range of hand sizes; protective, durable outer layer can be sanitized after each use; dark shade resists discoloration.

DonorCare® Needle Guard for Use With Blood Collection Set*

This single-use safety device is designed to reduce the risk of needlestick injury by shielding the needle once it is withdrawn from the vein.

*Not available in all markets.


Terumo Separation Stand*

Allows manual extraction of blood components from a blood collection bag to a transfer bag using mechanical pressure.

Blue Slide Clamp*

Plastic looped-end clip slips onto blood bag tubing to clamp the tubing closed.

Green Tubing Clip*

Plastic looped-end clip slips onto blood bag tubing to clamp the tubing closed.

Multifunction Hand Stripper and Aluminum Sealing Clips*

Help Increase Efficiency With a Durable, Dependable Multifunctional Tool

This sturdy tool strips, crimps and cuts tubing. Efficient spring-loaded design opens easily, eliminating the need to manually open the tool. Easy-to-grip, durable handle provides secure control. Use with aluminum sealing clips to permanently seal blood bag tubing.

*Not available in all markets.


TERUFUSION® Blood Administration Sets*

Y-Type Blood Administration Set

With 170-micron nylon mesh filter and needle/catheter adapter, approximately 60 in long

Straight-Type Blood Administration Set

With 170-micron nylon mesh filter and needle/catheter adapter, approximately 58 in long; includes one 18 G × 1.5 in needle

TERUFUSION Plasma Transfer Set

Designed to infuse solutions and may be used for transfusion; 18 in long with two spike couplers and a roller clamp

Terumo Sampling Site Coupler*

Connects to blood bag to collect samples; offers easy-to-pierce membrane for needle sampling

*Not available in all markets.


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