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A Culture of Compliance

Because the work we do truly impacts lives around the globe, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. By acting with integrity and honor in all we do, we earn and grow the trust of our customers, their donors and the patients who rely on our products and services. Only with these strong relationships in place can we unlock the potential of blood.

Our behavior is guided by our Code of Conduct set forth by our parent company. Upholding these ideals without exception has helped us earn the confidence of our customers, as well as government and regulatory bodies around the world.


Personal integrity

Strong relationships

Ongoing training


Every associate completes annual compliance training. Our program includes:

Applicable codes of ethics issued by relevant trade associations

Government standards

Anti-corruption laws

Guidelines for communicating customer concerns

Upholding these standards is ingrained in our culture.

  1. We are a member of the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) and comply with the Revised Code of Ethics developed by AdvaMed for interactions with health care professionals in the U.S.
  2. We are a member of the European Medical Technology Industry Association (Eucomed) and follow the Eucomed Code of Ethical Business Practice for interactions with health care professionals in Europe.
  3. We adhere to codes within Latin America established by the Argentine Center for Materials Research and Testing (CADIEM), the National Chamber of Pharmaceutical Industries (CANIFARMA) in Mexico, and the Brazilian Association of Importers of Medical Equipment, Products and Supplies (ABIMED).
  4. We comply with the Japanese requirements that are similar to those of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the U.S. We also follow the Japanese Fair Competition Code of the Medical Device Industry and the Fair Competition Code of the Ethical Pharmaceutical Drugs Marketing Industry.

Terumo Group Code of Conduct

AdvaMed Code of Ethics

MedTech Europe Code of Ethics

Terumo Integrity Helpline

The reputation of Terumo is built upon the actions of our business partners. If a situation that may involve a breach of law or of the Terumo Group Code of Conduct or any other serious and severe misconduct arises, please report to the Terumo Integrity Helpline.

Reportable issues:

Breach of law or of the Terumo Group Code of Conduct and other serious and severe misconduct by any director, officer or employee of Terumo in connection with Terumo's business, products or services; and any suspicion of the foregoing. This helpline is not for other matters.


Directors, officers and employees of Terumo's business partners.

Personal information:

We will use reporters' personal information to examine, investigate and/or respond reported matters. We may share reporters' personal information with the relevant group company(ies) for the above mentioned purposes.


This helpline can accept anonymous reports. However, we strongly advise reporters to disclose their names, contact address and employers for efficient investigation and remediation if necessary. We expect reporters to provide as much details as possible.

No retaliation:

We will not take any disadvantageous action against reporters or their companies for the reason that the reporters have reported issues to this helpline.

How to report:

  • Please access "Terumo Integrity Helpline" ( website. This helpline accommodates multiple languages. Please choose your language on the top page.
  • We may send you a message through this helpline system. In order to view the message, please access this website and input ID number and password which are issued when completing the report.
  • Telephone call is also available (please see a telephone number list on this website). The operator speaks English and, for other languages, an interpreter joins (three-party call). We recommend using the website: Terumo Integrity Helpline


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