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Version 11.3 Users

Missed the version 12.0 update? No problem.


If you have not added the optional software​ v12.0 and currently use v11.3 on your Spectra OptiaTM Apheresis System, you can update dire​ctly to v12.1, whi​ch will include the v12.0 features. Some of those enhancements are particularly helpful for teams who want to perform single-needle red blood cell exchange (RBCX) procedures as well as single-needle therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) procedures.

Listed below are some of the changes included wit​h the v12.0 software update that will now be part of v12.1.

  • The ability to perform a single-needle procedure for the RBCX protocol. You can select this option at the start of the run or during the run. The single-needle adapter (catalog number 11220) is required to perform a single-needle procedure.

  • Patient safety features regarding minimum hematocrit (HCT) levels and warnings for red blood cell (RBC) replacement fluid HCTs that are below 50%.
  • An optional medication infusion notification, which (if activated) alerts you to consider pausing a medication infusion when ​Spectra Optia pumps are paused. It also reminds you to restart the medication infusion when you resume the procedure. 
  • Alarm screens are updated to include an alarm numbe​r associated with the alarm name. The current Spectra Optia software version is displayed in parentheses next to the alarm number.

For more information about software v12.0, see this tra​ining document​ and the original customer letter.

To learn about additional enhancements that will be part of the v12.1 software upgrade, read this issue’s article on the topic.


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