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Information System
The Software You Need to Do More

The Vista system makes it possible to do more with your collections and your collection data.

Used with the Trima Accel® Automated Blood Collection System, this comprehensive software solution automates donor eligibility processes and optimizes donations based on your blood center's objectives.

With centralized control of all your connected Trima Accel devices and visibility into each collection in real time, the Vista system makes it possible to collect the right products, at the right time, from the right donor—even as your collection goals change throughout the day.

Blood centers who have adopted the Vista system get great results—every customer who has implemented the Vista system has stayed with the Vista system.*

*As of the date of publication.

The Vista System May Impress You

There are many benefits to the Vista system—operations are simplified, decisions are automated, paperwork is completed. The best way to understand the impact the Vista system could have on your blood center is to speak with your Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies representative.

  • Takes the guesswork out of collecting the best component combinations
    • Helps you rapidly and reliably address collection needs
    • Makes it possible to adjust collection priorities for your entire fleet of connected Trima Accel devices
    • Calculates procedure parameters for operators, based on your donor eligibility rules, donor blood type and gender
  • Automates blood loss tracking to ensure safe collections
  • Provides centralized oversight of your staff collection procedures
  • Delivers enforcement capabilities, ensuring your standard operating procedures are performed
  • Generates electronic procedure records, including an automated collection procedure run summary
  • Helps minimize paperwork and manual data entries
  • Creates a centralized database with one repository for all Trima Accel system-generated apheresis donation records
  • Provides real-time procedure visibility from any location—your laptop at work, your tablet at home or your smartphone on the go
  • Includes a medical review module
  • Issues productivity reports

The Vista system is FDA-cleared and has 21CFR Part 11 functionality.

How It Works

The Vista system is software with a database that interfaces with the Trima Accel system through your local area network (LAN). The Vista system captures, stores and evaluates data from each Trima Accel system collection. Operators can view and interact with the Vista system through their computers or by using a barcode scanner connected to the Trima Accel device.

Connected Performance

  • Identify the optimal collection procedure for each donor
  • Track and manage blood component loss
  • Automate the creation of procedure records
  • Facilitate instant procedure priority updates on multiple Trima Accel devices
  • Improve and standardize processes

Simplified Process Management

  • Search your procedure record database
    • Access key information quickly and easily
    • Simplify quality reviews and audits
  • Automate records and reports
    • Create timely, complete, uniform and detailed records for collections
    • Eliminate manual transcription errors
  • Configure eligibility parameters and information management
    • Automatically determine optimal procedures based on analysis of past donations and blood center requirements

Electronic Donor Management

Without the Vista system, you’re probably using a manual process to determine donor eligibility. Your staff can review donor history over a 12-month rolling calendar to ensure a donation is in compliance with regulations:

  • Frequency: How many times a donor has donated a particular component
  • Interval: How much time has passed between donations for different components
  • Blood loss: How much red blood cell and plasma loss has occurred

With the Vista system, data from each donation is sent in real time to the Vista system, creating a detailed donation record. Supplies, volumes, alerts, adjustments and other key data points are automatically captured and stored in the system's database.

When a donor presents, the Vista system uses the data from the donor's previous donations to determine the optimal procedure for which the donor is eligible. Throughout the entire process, the Vista system provides supervisors and administrators real-time visibility into each collection to assist with oversight and troubleshooting.


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