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Veda Solutions
Service | Analytics | Consulting

A Suite of Solutions Designed to Help You Reach Your Goals

For decades, Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies has been providing innovative technology, service, and support to customers all over the world. At every step of the way, our expertise has expanded. Our insight has become more informed. And our desire to help our customers elevate their operations, meet regulatory requirements, and achieve their goals has never been stronger.

That’s why we are pleased to offer VedaTM Solutions — a suite of collaborative services aimed at empowering our customers to realize their mission. Below you’ll find more information about our solutions.

More About Our Veda Solutions Offerings

VedaTM Check
Service contracts for uptime and compliance
When regulatory compliance is crucial to your success, you look for proven guidance and expertise. Our compliance experts can help you navigate the path to meeting regulatory and compliance demands.
  • Installation Qualification (IQ)/Operational Qualification (OQ) for the Quantum® Cell Expansion System and the Finia® Fill and Finish System
  • Field Service Contracts
  • Bench Service Contracts

Contact us to learn more.

VedaTM Skills
Take training and support to the next level
Applying technology requires a commitment to ongoing maintenance and training. These services go beyond our standard training offerings with supplemental training packages, customized programs, and service maintenance contracts that provide peace of mind. We provide user training for the following solutions: Spectra Optia® Apheresis System, Trima Accel® Automated Blood Collection System Version 7, Reveos® Automated Blood Collection System, Mirasol® Pathogen Reduction Technology (PRT) System, TACSI® (Terumo Automated Centrifuge & Separator Integration), Quantum® Cell Expansion System, Quantum Flex Cell Expansion System, FINIA® Fill and Finish System, and TSCD®-II Sterile Tubing Welder.

Contact us to learn more.

VedaTM Insights
Using data to drive improvement
Whether you are developing breakthrough cell therapies or optimizing how you process blood, the prospect of improving your operations can be significant. Let our expertise paired with our procedural and device data provide a roadmap for moving the dial.
  • Spectra Optia® Apheresis System Data Analysis
  • Single or multiple procedure analysis
  • Comprehensive analysis from pre-procedure data through final therapy results
  • Optimization suggestions
  • Collection site comparison and benchmarking
  • Spectra Optia Prediction Algorithm
  • Collection data review
  • Customized whole blood process calculation
  • Statistical summary analysis
  • Collection site comparison and benchmarking

Helping you achieve your goals

Connect with our data analytics specialists and schedule your evaluation.

VedaTM Perspective
Moving forward with a fresh perspective
We have seen and experienced a lot over 50 years. Leverage our expertise in blood and cell processing to see your operations in a new light.

Contact us to learn more.

Unlock Your Potential With Veda Solutions

Explore our comprehensive suite of services, including compliance, maintenance, training and data-informed consulting.

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All products and solutions may not be available in all regions. Contact your Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies representative.


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