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Sterile Tubing Welder
Increase the Productivity of Your Laboratory With Reliable, Sturdy Welds

Designed for quality, reliability and flexibility, the TSCD-II welder is a next-generation, closed-system device that can be used to connect polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tubing in any combination of wet and dry.

The TSCD-II welder may be used across your blood center to connect PVC tubing during tasks, including:

  • Component pooling
  • Leukoreduction
  • Pathogen reduction
  • Collection set modification
  • Component aliquoting
  • Quality control sampling
  • Cell washing and freezing

How Could You Benefit From Using the TSCD-II Welder With TOMEs?

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Easy to Use

The wafers used by the TSCD-II welder heat up to 300 ̊C, maintaining sterility during cutting and welding without allowing particulates or chemical residue to form in the tubes. The design enables fast, one-handed operation, and durable materials stand up to intensive use.

  • Maintains a closed system
  • Joins any combination of tubing: wet-to-wet, dry-to-dry, wet-to-dry
  • Provides automatic wafer replacement
  • Features an interconnected clamp for one-handed operation
  • Guides use and displays process on the screen
  • Supports bags with detachable shelves
  • Reduces the risk of jams with a wafer monitor and a large used-wafer disposal box
  • Creates welds that meet or exceed the tensile strength requirements of ISO 3826-1

The TSCD-II welder is available in select markets.

For access to manuals, instructions for use and other technical documentation, please log in or register.



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