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Trima Accel/TOMEs Total System

Get The Flexibility You Need in a Dynamic Environment

Collection needs fluctuate—so you need flexibility. The Trima Accel® Automated Blood Collection System streamlines the collection of any transfusable component in any combination. It is the only apheresis system on the market today with the versatility blood centers need for full-spectrum component combinations—helping you to meet your collection goals with a single device. This flexibility and agility have helped make the Trima Accel system one of the world’s leading apheresis devices.

Integrate Operations

TOMEs comes equipped with Cadence® data collection system software, a valuable tool for data analysis and reporting that many blood centers rely on. Working together, TOMEs, the Trima Accel system and the Cadence data collection system can provide unidirectional communication with your BBIS, delivering your run data and providing access to that information to all networked TOMEs devices.

Trima Accel System
Helps blood centers collect more products per procedure.1

Trima Accel System
Performs an entire range of apheresis collection protocols with multicomponent capabilities: platelet, plasma and red blood cell. Using a flexible device drives operator efficiencies and cost savings.2
TOMEs + Cadence Data Collection System
Captures the procedure record for better product traceability.

Trima Accel System
Optimizes donor experience with single-needle-only procedures and 25% to 40% shorter procedure times than comparable apheresis devices.3,4
TOMEs + Cadence Data Collection System
Provides the ability to eliminate manual documentation—for example, apheresis run sheets—saving time and reducing human errors.

Trima Accel System
Provides in-process leukoreduction for ready-to-transfuse products.
TOMEs + Cadence Data Collection System
Allows you to sort and filter data to create customized reports.

Trima Accel System
Is supported with turnkey implementation and industry-leading customer support.
TOMEs + Cadence Data Collection System
Automatically exports procedure data for your BBIS.

Trima Accel System
Provides a functionally closed system.
TOMEs + Cadence Data Collection System
Provides Trima Accel system collection data to other devices connected to TOMEs.

TOMEs + Cadence Data Collection System
Assists with faster troubleshooting and problem resolution.

TOMEs + Cadence Data Collection System
Complies with network security standards.5

1Productivity of the Trima Accel system and the Amicus Separator system.

2Cost savings as a result of standardizing apheresis platforms.

3Bueno, JL, et al., "A Randomized Crossover Trial Comparing Three Plateletpheresis Machines." Transfusion 2005; 45 (8): 1373–1381. (Paired Study).

4Hubbard B and B Fulmer, “Increasing Donor Satisfaction Through the Use of Single-Needle Procedures.” Transfusion 2009; 49 (Suppl.): 250A.

5Cadence Data Collection System is compliant with FIPS 140-2. TOMEs supports Microsoft® Windows® Authentication.


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