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Blood Bag Systems
Cost-Effective Blood Bags That Do Not Sacrifice Quality

TERUFLEX blood bags are globally recognized for high-quality collection, processing and storage. They are produced without natural rubber latex and packed for protection during storage.

  • Simplify inventory; reduce the need for multiple bag types in multiple configurations
  • Use sterile connections to adapt the bags for your blood center's needs
  • Produce high-quality products; these bags are made from biocompatible materials, with a shape that enhances mixing
  • Improve donor comfort with a high-quality phlebotomy needle and thick-walled tubing that reduces kinks for smoother blood flow
  • Order with or without safety features, including needle injury protectors, pre-donation sampling bags and multi-sample luer adapters

TERUFLEX for BC Pooling

TERUFLEX Buffy Coat Pooling Kit (BP Kit) with IMUGARD III-S PL Leukocyte Reduction Filter is used to produce and preserve high-yield leukodepleted platelet concentrate.

This blood bag system is also available without a filter.

TERUFLEX blood bags are available in traditional and top-and-bottom styles:

  • CPDA-1 (citrate phosphate dextrose adenine) anticoagulant
  • CPD (citrate phosphate dextrose) anticoagulant and SAG-M (saline adenine glucose mannitol) additive solution
  • CPD anticoagulant and AS-5 additive solution
  • Available in configurations with three, four or five bags
Not all Terumo Blood Bag products are registered in, approved for sale in, or available for purchase in, all markets


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