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TACSI® System
Terumo Automated Centrifuge & Separator Integration
Overview How It Works Materials
Advanced Automation:
A Better Method of Buffy Coat Processing

Create consistent, high-quality platelet products, making your lab even more efficient and better able to meet the challenges every component lab faces.

The TACSI system automates and integrates the manual steps of Buffy Coat processing, up to six pooled Buffy Coats at a time.

With the ability to preload bags outside of the device, the TACSI system can transform your lab into a highly productive environment.

Benefits of the TACSI system include:

Consistent, high-quality products
Increased throughput
Optimized workflow
Reinforced good manufacturing practices (GMP)

See the TACSI System at Work:

Delivers Versatility and Performance

How Could You Benefit From Using the TACSI System With TOMEs?

Learn more.

How It Works

The TACSI system automates and integrates the manual steps of processing buffy coat pools into platelet concentrates, six pools at a time.

The TACSI System Consists of These Parts:

TACSI device

An intuitive, easy-to-operate automated system that processes up to six Buffy Coat pools at a time

TACSI PL inserts

Removable inserts that hold the TACSI PL kit in place during the procedure


The TACSI PL kit is designed to pool, process and leukoreduce Buffy Coats, creating full therapeutic platelet doses

Process Overview

The TACSI system, with integrated centrifugation, separation technology and dedicated sensors, enables consistent separation of pooled Buffy Coats into quality platelet concentrates. A specially designed insert allows for pre-mounting of TACSI PL kits, which decreases processing time.
The TACSI PL procedure:
  1. Up to six pooled Buffy Coat units are mounted in the PL inserts.
  2. Centrifugation begins, and a vertical layer of platelets and residual Buffy Coat is created; optical sensors detect the interface to enable maximum platelet recovery.
  3. The integrated leukoreduction filter is primed, then the platelets are automatically leukoreduced and transferred into the final platelet bag.
  4. At the end of the run, platelet concentrates are removed from the device and ready for storage.

How Could You Benefit From Using the TACSI System With TOMEs?

Learn more.
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TACSI System Customer Testimonial Videos

TACSI, TACSI PL KIT and TOMEs are not cleared for sale in the U.S. They are available in select markets.


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