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Product Security Updates

Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies Product Security and Privacy

Striving to build products that are secure by design, in use and through collaboration.

Policy statement

We value the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all protected health and personally identifiable information (e.g., PHI, PII)  in accordance with applicable international, national and state privacy and security laws, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and the General Data Protection Regulation. Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies has implemented administrative, technical and physical safeguards, to reasonably protect against security incidents or privacy breaches involving Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies products. However, as systems evolve, vulnerabilities may be identified, and we consider you a partner in this process. If you have any concerns, we ask that you bring them to our attention, and we will investigate and address the issue if necessary, including through responsible disclosure of such issues if they exist.
Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies is committed to providing secure products to our customers given the important benefits they provide to patient and donor health. Across Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies, we continuously strive to improve security and privacy through the product lifecycle using the following practices where appropriate:
  • Privacy and security by design
  • Product and supplier risk assessment
  • Vulnerability and patch management
  • Secure coding practices and analysis
  • Vulnerability scanning and third-party testing
  • Access control to customer data
  • Incident response

Contact us

If you have product-related privacy or security questions, contact:


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