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Corporate Citizenship Report:
Creating Opportunities
Corporate Citizenship Report       Improving Communities       Creating Opportunities       Protecting the Environment       Caring for Associates
Innovation is the cornerstone of our success. We extend this passion for creative collaboration by supporting educational programs through partnerships and by offering financial assistance for education and research at the forefront of innovation.



Inspiring the Next Generation

GESTEM Colorado Bioscience Institute Research Experience for Teachers University of Denver Corporate Challenge India: Supporting local schools
Girls Exploring Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
We partner with the Society of Women Engineers on the Girls Exploring Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (GESTEM) event in Colorado that aims to encourage sixth and seventh grade girls to explore opportunities in STEM. In 2018, Terumo BCT was a titanium sponsor for the 15th annual GESTEM event.

Terumo BCT's involvement started with just a few associates who worked as event chaperones. Our participation has grown to 60 associates from many different departments within our organization. Our first hands-on workshop, "Blood: It's Not Just for Vampires," featured blood basics and blood separation.

Participants tested the concept of centrifugal force by creating spin art. Over the years, the workshops have continued to evolve and now include the power of UV light and the Mirasol® Pathogen Reduction Technology (PRT) System. In our latest workshop, in place for five years, we have been partnering with Ball Mason Jars to demonstrate the concepts of lean manufacturing through a brownie production line.

Watch a video created by the Society of Women Engineers to learn more about the annual event.
Colorado Bioscience Institute Research Experience for Teachers

For the fourth year, Terumo BCT supported the Colorado Bioscience Institute's Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program, designed to introduce teachers to industry research in Colorado and provide ideas and inspiration to take back to the classroom. Lee Sandblom, a seventh-grade science teacher at Creighton Middle School in Jefferson County, Colorado, spent four weeks in June shadowing professionals at Terumo BCT.

Lee worked in the Quantum Cell Expansion System lab helping examine some small-scale cell culture dynamics. He helped measure how switching cell culture media supplements alters the rate at which mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) proliferate.
I participated in the program so that I can bring back the multitude of possibilities in STEM fields that are there for children to aspire to achieve. My jaw was constantly dropping open my first couple of days here because of how large the campus was and how many different roles were being played by so many different people. Teenagers generally only know about what jobs are available based on the jobs held by their family members. I would love for them to learn about all of what may be possible for them.
Lee Sandblom, teacher

Nathan Frank, a laboratory scientist working on Quantum®, served as Lee's mentor and the coordinator for our participation in the RET program.

This program allows Terumo BCT yet another avenue of community outreach. In the long term, we are also helping to shape the next generation of scientists, engineers and technicians, as the kids that these teachers interact with will be old enough to intern here in five to ten years! By allowing teachers to be exposed to the process of industrial-scale medical device development, we help them give their students deeper and more accurate insights into a wider range of careers and disciplines that they can pursue in the future.

At the end of the externship, all the teachers in the program who worked at different companies came together for a final day of professional development and reflection. This year the event was held at Terumo BCT. All 12 of the teachers in the program toured Terumo BCT to learn about the work we are doing in bioscience and manufacturing and to gain further insights into STEM careers and the skills necessary for those careers.

Learn more about this inspiring program in a short video created by Colorado Bioscience Institute, featuring Nathan Frank and Scott Larson, who also serves on their board of directors.

University of Denver Corporate Challenge

In the fall of 2018, Terumo BCT served as a host for the University of Denver MBA program’s Global Challenge. The Global Challenge is a semester-long project where an assigned team of MBA students work as consultants to help tackle a defined problem within a given country or region. This project includes a 2-week visit to the subject country near the end of the semester.

A team of five MBA students were assigned to Terumo BCT and worked with mentors Chris Meier (Director, Americas Marketing), Melani Chang (Global Marketing Manager, Autologous Biologics) and Eduardo Morato (Country Manager, Brazil) to assess the Brazilian market for introduction of Terumo BCT’s Autologous Biologics product line. The students' deliverables included:
  • Situational analysis of the broader Brazil healthcare system, and specifically the cellular therapies market
  • Segmentation and targeting recommendations
  • An overall recommendation for entry into the market
  • A final report and presentation to Terumo BCT
The team did a great job of picking up a complex problem/market and understanding it well. While the project was valuable for the team at DU, our team here at Terumo BCT also found a lot of value in the project.

Our students made us challenge our own assumptions and really work to better understand our own business at a deeper level. It was fantastic to experience Brazil with them and see how rewarding it was to see another country and its healthcare system from a totally new perspective.
Chris Meier, Director, Americas Marketing
Our engagement began at the kickoff lunch, where Chris met with the team of students for the first time and introduced them to the project and its scope. Chris, Melani and Eduardo then maintained weekly update meetings with the team throughout the project. Several of the check-in meetings were held at the Terumo BCT campus where students were able to see our manufacturing and experience our full range of products and business areas through the Pinnacle Center.

In November, Chris traveled to Brazil with the team and spent time touring medical facilities and interviewing the top key opinion leaders in the cellular therapy field. The project culminated with a final presentation to Terumo BCT leaders and executives at the beginning of January.
India: Supporting local schools

Our associates in India have taken a special interest in four lower primary schools located within five kilometers of our facility, including Peyad Govt. LP School, Thuruthumoola LP School, Vilappilsala UP School and Cherukode Tribal School. These schools serve underprivileged students.

We focus on providing the students with enhanced learning experiences to succeed in the changing world by helping the schools with infrastructure support such as setting up libraries, computer labs and toilets.

In addition, we provide the children with notebooks, school bags and newspaper subscriptions. An interschool quiz competition awards scholarships to the high-scoring students. To promote the scientific temperament of students, National Technology Day was organized in May 2018, with quiz competitions, scientific sessions and a visit to the planetarium. Since 1999, we have invested more than USD $500,000 to support the schools.

As a commitment to promoting wellness, our associates introduced tennis classes and provided the students with shoes, uniforms and equipment. They also host the annual All Kerala Mini Tennis Tournament. We support the Trivandrum Sports League, a year-long program for identifying the most talented athletes in the district and promoting a culture of adopting a healthy lifestyle through sports.

Providing Workforce Experiences

Japan India Institute of Management CareerWise Internships
Japan India Institute of Management
In December 2018, Terumo BCT, became the first medtech company chosen to participate in the prestigious Japan-India Institute of Manufacturing (JIM) program. His Excellency Kenji Hiramatsu, Ambassador of Japan to India, inaugurated the program.

Organized by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, JIM was born out of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s request to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to support the scale-up of Japanese-style industrial workforce skills among Indian youth.

The program targets young students and equips them with monozukuri (Japanese for manufacturing excellence) skills through a one-year internship to improve employability.

Participants are selected through a competitive application process including interviews and academic transcripts. The 50 JIM trainees at Terumo BCT will participate in two semesters of technical training focused on advancing Japanese manufacturing skills and disciplines including logistics, problem-solving and personal career development.

Working on our manufacturing floor, the JIM trainees will learn how to work successfully in a manufacturing environment for a multinational company. The ultimate goal is to train the next generation of manufacturing leaders to strengthen the workforce pipeline for Japanese manufacturers operating in India. Terumo BCT will be able to hire from this pool of trainees after the program ends.
This is a great human resource initiative. Terumo BCT is proud to be part of an Indo-Japan initiative for development of skills that are needed for any industry. The training focuses on core technical skills, soft skills, and Japanese manufacturing practices and processes which are key parameters for employability as well as the needs of the industry. This is a win-win program where the participants acquire skills and the company benefits by way of highly-skilled resources.
Abraham Mathew, Vice President, Manufacturing
CareerWise Colorado is building a statewide system of youth apprenticeships that create pathways for students to access high-demand, high-paying careers at leading Colorado companies. Student apprentices work toward high school graduation and earn postsecondary credit, industry credentials or both in their chosen career path.

Terumo BCT hosts two student apprentices, Alec and Tyler, from the Denver-area Pomona High School. These students are working as production and maintenance techs. During the summer the students work nearly full-time to jump-start their careers; and during the school year they attend classes three days a week and work at Terumo BCT twice a week.
Alec and Tyler are rapidly becoming effective contributors to our business. Many people on our teams enjoy teaching and directing Alec and Tyler. You can see it in the morale. In many ways the apprenticeship program is similar to a shot of Red Bull for our team — it is rewarding to extend a hand to the next person in line and share the range of skills we have to offer.
Michael Stevens, Operations Manager
Terumo BCT maintains a thriving, multidepartment paid internship program. Within our Engineering group, we have had nearly 100 student interns over the past six years with more than 50% of eligible interns converted to permanent employment.
Attracting and hiring talented undergraduate and graduate interns into engineering careers is a critical component of our overall talent strategy for Terumo BCT. Our interns bring unique and diverse perspectives into the organization and add great value to the ongoing programs and projects in Innovation & Development (I&D).
Carrie Passavant, Talent Acquisition leader

Terumo BCT’s Ideation Lab employs a large pool of Terumo BCT's interns — primarily students in their last two years of undergraduate studies and graduate students. Most have degrees in biomedical science, electrical engineering, chemical engineering or mechanical engineering. And more than half of those interns accept offers to become full-time associates.

“Many recent graduates have great design skills on CAD systems and 3D modeling, they are very enthusiastic and eager to learn from senior engineers. That blending of junior and senior engineer… there is a lot of magic there," says Tom Felt, Vice President of Ideation.

In 2017, Terumo BCT launched a new internal internship program in response to feedback from the Associate Engagement Survey. These new engineering internship positions were created exclusively for existing associates at Terumo BCT who are working on or have completed degrees in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering or biomedical engineering.

These positions are three-month temporary roles to work with the I&D engineering teams on engineering projects.

Encouraging Innovation in the Field

Clinical and Research Grants National Blood Foundation
Clinical and Research Grants

We share a passion for thinking in new and different ways. Our natural curiosity brings us closer to unlocking the potential of blood, transforming scientific understanding into practical application. We proudly offer an annual grant program to encourage academic discovery and recognize new practical application that fuels our ongoing quest to unlock the potential of blood.

One of our 2018 educational grants supported the 2018 University of Kansas Neuromuscular Review Course. These neuromuscular courses are designed for neurologists and other physicians treating neuromuscular disorders and provide an up-to-date review of clinical issues related to the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular diseases. Terumo BCT supported 10 courses in 2018 with our unrestricted educational grant.

The Advancing Apheresis Award is an educational grant of USD $10,000 to the organization or institution that best displays a dedication to advancing apheresis. In 2018, the sixth annual award focused on advancing peripheral venous access in red blood cell exchange procedures and was awarded to UHN Toronto, Canada.

We are committed to increasing our impact on patients’ lives. UHN’s leadership in this area will drive better outcomes for patients with sickle cell disease. With eventual publication and sharing of best practices, this effort has the potential to help enhance current standards of care for peripheral vascular access, so we can all better support this underserved patient population.
Regis Leonard, Vice President, Therapeutics Systems, Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies

The grant will help UHN fund teaching programs along with the purchase of phantom arms for training and skills maintenance, the development of electronic training materials and the collection of data for analysis. UHN’s plan is to use the data and analysis in a publication demonstrating the outcomes of making peripheral ultrasound guided venous access the standard of care.

We have potential to spread these training efforts across UHN and to other apheresis nurses across Canada. Many people may benefit from this work, including patients with sickle cell disease and others needing apheresis treatments who struggle with peripheral access issues.
Dr. David Barth, Director, Therapeutic Apheresis and Stem Cell Collection Program, UHN


National Blood Foundation

Since 1983, AABB’s National Blood Foundation (NBF) has funded more than 200 innovative scientists through its early-career Scientific Research Grant Program. Terumo BCT has been a Council on Resarch and Development (CORD) supporter of the NBF for 17 years, contributing more than USD $1 million to support early-career researchers. This has helped fund dozens of young scientists and physicians and advance research that is critical to moving our industry forward.

We understand the need for innovation and research to fuel the healthcare industry. NBF’s CORD program is a tangible and proven avenue for us to support broader industry research that can lead to new opportunities, efficiencies and indications for our business and for patients. Mentoring and career development have deep roots at Terumo BCT, so CORD’s focus on funding early-career researchers is also appealing. Enabling these young scientists and physicians to focus on their research pays dividends down the road to our industry and patients we touch.
David Perez, retired Terumo BCT CEO and NBF Board Member
AABB and the NBF are incredibly grateful for the financial support of our partners, including Terumo BCT. The leadership and strategic guidance brought forth has helped the NBF establish a leading, quality early-career grant program. The research supported through this program has led to important scientific breakthroughs in the fields of transfusion medicine and cellular therapies.
Debra BenAvram, FASAE, CAE, AABB’s CEO

As a result of the financial support received from many leading blood centers and organizations, including Terumo BCT, the NBF introduced an expanded funding model for the 2018 early-career grant cycle that enabled the NBF to fund a greater number of promising applicants. After a rigorous review process, expert scientists serving on the NBF Scientific Research Grants Review Committee identified seven outstanding researchers introducing novel approaches in transfusion medicine and cellular therapies.

In addition to its early-career grant program, the NBF strives to acknowledge prior NBF grant recipients who have made a significant impact on transfusion medicine and cellular therapies. The NBF Hall of Fame recognizes lifetime achievement leaders who contribute to the field and scientific investigators are acknowledged through the Scholar Program. Because of committed organizations like Terumo BCT, the NBF can continue its efforts to highlight the contributions these investigators make to the field.


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