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COBE® Spectra
Apheresis System*
Overview How It Works Protocols
How It Works

The COBE Spectra system uses centrifugal technology to separate whole blood into its major components.

The system draws whole blood from a donor or patient, adds anticoagulant, separates the blood components, collects or removes specific components and returns uncollected components to the donor or patient. In therapeutic plasma exchange and red blood cell exchange procedures, appropriate replacement fluid is continuously returned.

The COBE Spectra system includes:
  • Four pumps
  • Five valves
  • Optical sensors to monitor density in the plasma/collect line or red blood cell spillover
  • Display panel providing instructions and system messages
  • Centrifuge chamber with interlocking door and cover
  • Return flow controller that enables single-needle therapeutic plasma exchange and platelet collection
Procedures on the COBE Spectra system deliver:
  • Dual-stage or single-stage technology
  • Separation of components based on specific gravity of cells
  • Configurable procedure parameters for procedure consistency
  • Automated procedures with operator control
  • Programmable fluid balance and automated procedure endpoint calculations
  • Low total blood volume (TBV) applications

The COBE Spectra system sets and maintains the interface by defining the pump flow rates and centrifuge speed based on donor or patient data for a specific procedure. The wide range of continuous inlet flow rate settings allows the system to manage vascular access and accommodate small patients. The two-way communications display and an associated keyboard enhance the automation.

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange
Red Blood Cell Exchange and Depletions
Stem Cell, Mononuclear Cell and Granulocyte Collections**
Platelet and White Blood Cell Depletions
**Polymorphonuclear cells (such as granulocytes) and mononuclear cells (such as stem cells) for transfusion are not biological products licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies makes no claims for the efficacy of these products. Collections of these products should be done in accordance with Investigational Device Exemptions.
*Product and protocol availability varies by country.


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