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Cell Therapy Technologies

Quantum® Cell Expansion System*

The Quantum system is an automated cell culture platform that can help simplify the open, labor-intensive manual tasks associated with flask-based culture.

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COBE® 2991 Cell Processor

Introduced more than 30 years ago, the COBE 2991 cell processor has set the industry standard as a reliable laboratory tool for a variety of cell processing applications.

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Elutra® Cell Separation System**

When monocytes or lymphocytes are on your radar, the Elutra system should be as well.

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SCD® IIB Sterile Tubing Welder

Shorten the time you spend making sterile tubing connections the old-fashioned manual way. Create reliable welds in about 30 seconds.

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TSCD®-Q Sterile Tubing Welder for the Quantum System

Built on a legacy of proven thermal welders and cell processing devices from Terumo BCT, the TSCD-Q sterile tubing welder creates strong, sterile polyurethane tubing connections.

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Find out how we can help you create the treatments of tomorrow.

*Customers are responsible for validating the use of the Quantum to expand cells for their intended therapy.

**Customers are responsible for validating the use of the Elutra system to separate cells for their intended therapy.


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