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let’s share perspective


You see cellular immunotherapy from a unique perspective. We see it through the lens of 30 years of industry expertise in cell processing and apheresis collections. Imagine what we could do when we collaborate.

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Making big leaps in medicine is not for the faint of heart. You are tasked with creating innovative therapies, commencing clinical trials and developing robust manufacturing processes. We believe that sharing insight can help all of us break through these challenges. Let’s start by sharing perspective.

Answer a few questions and we will share what we learn.

Beginning with a quality starting product is the best way to impact the quality of a final product. Some of the core challenges we have seen in achieving the best collection include:

There are many ways to reduce variability and optimize quality collections, including:

  • Choosing a collection device
  • Selecting an appropriate protocol
  • Developing clear SOPs
  • Creating leukapheresis manuals

Are the key downstream players communicating well with their upstream counterparts? When a manufacturer provides feedback to the apheresis unit about the success level of their collections, only then can an optimized starting product be achieved.

let’s gain perspective

Discover the Spectra Optia® Apheresis System

Read more about how to optimize starting product in Dr. Andrew Fesnak’s article titled,

"CAR-T Cell Therapies From the Transfusion Medicine Perspective"

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Where’s that sweet spot that delivers a quality product at a cost that can support your goals?
Start by identifying where you can gain efficiencies in your process. One study on the Elutra® Cell Separation System* showed how clinical-scale, closed-system elutriation performed efficiently for the selective enrichment of lymphocytes for immunotherapy protocols. It showed an improvement in cost, yield and purity over methods that required the addition of monocyte-depleting beads.

let’s refine perspective

Discover the Elutra Cell Separation System

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*Powell DJ, Brennan AL, Zheng Z, Huynh H, Cotte J, Levine BL. Efficient clinical-scale enrichment of lymphocytes for use in adoptive immunotherapy using a modified counterflow centrifugal elutriation program. Cytotherapy. 2009;11(7):923-935.

Researchers—Plan now to scale later.
Even if your work is still in the early stages, you can look ahead to the challenges of clinical trials and commercialization. Early adoption of an automated cell culture platform may help reduce process complexity and give you increased confidence in your manufacturing process during scale-up or scale-out.

Commercial Manufacturers-—Combine protocol flexibility and process automation.
See how cell culture processes can be optimized on an automated cell culture platform to match the needs of a particular cell type.

let’s grow perspective

Discover how automated cell culture can fit into your development process.

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