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Sterile Tubing Welder
Overview How it Works Materials
Shorten the time you spend making sterile tubing connections compared to the old-fashioned manual way

Create reliable welds in about 30 seconds. With the SCD IIB welder, the process of sterile connection goes from manual to automated with a welder that is only the size of a shoebox and requires no software. It is simple and easy to use. Welcome to a new era in sterile tube welding.

Put it to work

Built on a legacy of proven Terumo BCT welders, the SCD IIB welder has the capability to create both wet-to-dry and dry-to-dry tubing connections in just a few simple steps. This compact, portable welder allows operators to connect two pieces of tubing for a variety of operations, such as component transfers, sampling and fluid replacement, while maintaining a functionally closed system in open labs and production areas.

Safeguard your aseptic process

Connecting tubing in a current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) setting may seem like a small step within a much more involved process; however, that one small step can ensure the system remains functionally closed and help maintain your aseptic procedure. By integrating the SCD IIB welder, you ensure the standardization of the sterile connection process. Tubing connections are made exactly the same way, every time. It's simple and easy to use, and as new team members come on board, they can be quickly trained with minimal disruption to your process.

Is the SCD IIB welder right for you?

SCD IIB Sterile Tubing Welder
Tubing Size in mm (in)
5.5 (0.215) outer diameter (OD)
0.8 (0.033) wall thickness
Tubing Type
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), C-FLEX®*
Tubing Use
TSCD®-Q Sterile Tubing Welder
Tubing Size in mm (in)
4.75 (0.187) OD
0.787 (0.031) wall thickness
Tubing Type
Polyurethane (Pellethane® 2363-80AE) tubing
Tubing Use
TSCD® II Sterile Tubing Welder
Tubing Size in mm (in)
Blood Bag Tubing
3.86 (0.152) to 4.6 (0.181) OD
0.508 (0.019) to 0.8 (0.031) wall thickness
Tubing Type
Tubing Use
Blood Banks/Biotech
T-SEAL II Tube Sealing Device
Tubing Size in mm (in)
Up to 5.8 (0.23) OD
Tubing Type
Tubing Use
Blood Banks/Biotech
*Only PVC tubing with a nominal OD of 5.5 mm (0.215 in) and a nominal wall thickness of .84 mm (0.033 in) has been tested by Terumo BCT for weld strength and sterility; however, some users have had successful results using other types of thermoplastic tubing (such as C-Flex). If you choose to use tubing other than the tubing specified, it is your responsibility to test for weld strength and sterility according to the standards appropriate for the desired application. Use of tubing other than the PVC tubing specified can cause a low-strength weld joint, which could result in a non-sterile weld.
How It Works

See for yourself

Watch the video and see how the SCD IIB welder creates strong, dependable tubing connections in about 30 seconds.

Tubes are inserted, then secured with the clamps.
An SCD welding wafer is advanced, then heated to approximately 260 °C (500 °F).
Both tubes are melted, then shifted and realigned.
The wafer is retracted, welding the tubes together.
The operator then pinches the tubing on both sides of the weld to open the seal and allow fluid to transfer.


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