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Research and Grant Opportunities
Overview Opportunities

Discovery Never Stops

We share a passion for thinking in new and different ways. Our natural curiosity brings us closer to unlocking the potential of blood, transforming scientific understanding into practical application.

To make the most of our significant research and development investment, we are committed to close collaboration internally, across departments and regions, and with our customers. We also work with thought leaders and industry associations to develop innovations and apply them to our products and services. Our work and commitment to open dialogue help connect investigators to each other and to additional resources. When a breakthrough happens, we are on hand to help bring awareness, lending our expertise and guidance to investigators as they seek publication of their studies.

This approach furthers scientific understanding and leads to more treatment options for patients.


Charitable Contributions

Terumo BCT is proud to provide financial and in-kind product support to nonprofit organizations around the world that support our areas of focus for giving.

Advancing Apheresis Award 2020
As a way of recognizing and honoring the efforts of apheresis professionals, clinicians and others who further the practice of apheresis and patient care, Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies is pleased to announce the 2020 Advancing Apheresis Award: Improving access to apheresis care for sickle cell disease patients. We will award a USD $10,000 grant to the institution that best demonstrates its dedication to continue increasing access to care for sickle cell patients on a chronic exchange program.

Submissions for the 2020 award are now being accepted through January 15, 2021.

  • Applicant must be managing more than 10 chronic sickle cell patients on an automated red blood cell exchange (RBCX) program
  • Submission must be in English
  • Submission must focus on how the institution has advanced access to apheresis for sickle cell patients and how the award will continue to support that work
  • Submissions must demonstrate:
    • Educational leadership
    • Impact on patient comfort and care
    • Local community impact
    • Plans for use of the award and the impact it will have on patients

Advanced Therapy Manufacturing & Innovation (ATMI) Grant 2020
At Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies, we are inspired to help researchers bring their next-generation cell and gene therapies within reach for more patients.

To accelerate advanced therapy manufacturing and development in Asia Pacific, we are launching the Advanced Therapy Manufacturing & Innovation (ATMI) Grant to award up to USD $50,000 to principal investigators, scientists, researchers and clinicians exclusively from the Asia Pacific region to support the creative exploration of new and novel applications with the Quantum® Cell Expansion System.

This will be done through a one-year collaborative research partnership between Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies and the successful grant applicant. The initial grant may be renewable for additional years depending on research outcome, progress reports and amended applications.

Application for the ATMI Grant 2020 opens 17 September 2020 and is accepted through 17 November 2020.

Educational Grants

Investigator-Initiated Studies (IIS)


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