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White Blood Cell Depletion (WBCD) and Platelet Depletion (PLTD) procedures*

This training is for operators who have experience using the Spectra Optia® Apheresis System for apheresis protocols. If you have not yet received Spectra Optia system training for at least one protocol, you should not take this online training at this time. Contact your local Terumo BCT representative for more information.
RBCX Replacement Volume Calculations Right From Your Mobile Device

With this tool, you can:

Easily calculate the amount of fluid you need—Estimate the volume of replacement fluid required for each patient after you input patient and procedure values

Get your calculations ahead of time—Determine the estimated volume of replacement fluid required for each patient in advance

Use it anywhere—Obtain the same calculations as the Spectra Optia system does, freeing you from the need to be in front of the device

Access it on the go and offline—Use your iPhone®, iPad® or Android phone or tablet from any location, even without network connectivity

*Product and protocol availability varies by country.