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Press Release

Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies introduces its EU Sickle Cell Disease Manifesto

Call to action to raise awareness about patients' unmet needs and needed key policy changes

​​At Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies, we recognize the profound impact that Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) has on individuals and their families. It is with great pride that we introduce our EU Sickle Cell Disease Manifesto​, a call to action dedicated to raising awareness about the unmet needs faced by patients and key policy changes required to address them.

The contents of the manifesto are inspired by conversations our company has had over the years with healthcare professionals, patient advocacy groups and researchers specializing in sickle cell disease. It reflects an understanding of the disease, the current state of care and the gaps that exist in policy.

The manifesto highlights the need for:

  • Improved access to treatment and addressing health inequalities

  • Investing in training and skill development

  • Encouraging the creation of an EU-wide SCD registry

  • Newborn screening applied to EU 28 member states

  • Strategic dialogue with relevant stakeholders

Our commitment to sickle cell disease is not new and our activities are global in reach, from automated red blood cell exchange therapy awareness and education, to research and studies addressing knowledge gaps such as SCD pregnancy complications to advocating for blood donations and developing therapeutic apheresis programs in under-served regions such as sub-Saharan Africa.

As we share this document with EU policymakers, patient associations, and the broader public, we reaffirm our dedication to improving access to treatment, reducing health inequities, and fostering strategic dialogues with stakeholders. We invite you to explore our manifesto and join us in this vital effort. For a detailed understanding of our goals and key points, please access the full document here​.​

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