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MedTech Europe New Code of Ethical Business Practice

We sat down with Anne-Sophie Bricca, Senior Director, Deputy Counsel, to learn more about the new code of conduct on the interaction between medical technology companies and healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations.


MedTech Europe (the European association representing the medical technology industries, in which Terumo BCT Europe sits) in conjunction with Mecomed (the medical devices, imaging and diagnostics trade association for the Middle East and North Africa) developed and adopted a new code of conduct for the interaction between medical technology companies and healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organizations (HCOs): the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice ("Code"). The Code introduces new requirements including, among other requirements, the transparency of educational grants.


As of 1 January 2018, Terumo BCT, distributors and affiliates (and all MedTech member companies) will no longer be allowed to pay registration fees, travel or hospitality expenses directly to individual HCPs for their participation in educational conferences organized by third parties.


"We want to continue to support the education of healthcare professionals and at the same time we want to be sure that this money is used in an independent way and that we do not enter into the selection of physicians," says Anne-Sophie Bricca, Senior Director, Deputy Counsel at Terumo BCT.


Medical education may be supported through the provision of educational grants to HCOs or professional conference organizers (in compliance with the Code).


Bricca adds, "Each time that you want to sponsor the attendance of a physician to a congress, you must contact the organization for which the physician works or the congress organizer and set up a contract with the third party. This will define the amount of the educational grant that you will give and for which purpose the educational grant should be spent."


To prevent abuses, specific safeguards have been developed when providing educational grants, including the obligation to disclose these educational grants.

Terumo BCT will need to do the following:

1.         Document and disclose all transfer of values related to educational grants to HCOs based in or registered in the MedTech Europe Geographic Area (highlighted in purple in the map) without limitation of value.

2.         On an aggregate basis, disclose for each clearly identifiable and separate recipient the amounts paid as educational grants to such recipient in each reporting period (for example, the calendar year).

3.         Create a comprehensive methodology note allowing the HCOs to understand how the amount disclosed was aggregated.


These disclosures will be made on an annual basis within 6 months after the end of the relevant reporting period and made public by 31 August of the year of disclosure on the platform provided by MedTech's website, except for those areas where we are bound by national laws or regulations.


To learn more or ask questions about the new regulations, contact terumobctethics@terumobct.com.


Improvements in the clinical care of patients are rooted in Terumo BCT's interaction with HCPs. HCPs and HCOs are a source of innovation and creativity during the development of innovative medical devices and therefore an essential part of Terumo BCT's innovation and development process; they are the prime users of technologies and play an instrumental role in the successful access to patients of innovative medical devices. Strong ethical standards are therefore critical to ensuring appropriate collaboration, beyond criticism in view of any conflict of interest, between us and the HCPs and HCOse of News Ready

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