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Improving Communities
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Through Terumo BCT’s charitable giving efforts, the company donated more than $400,000 to nonprofit organizations in FY 2017. The majority of donations go to organizations that align to the company’s promise, “Unlocking the Potential of Blood.”

As a company committed to bettering lives by unlocking the potential of blood, Terumo BCT’s flagship community programs align to that commitment by supporting the organizations that directly touch the patients and communities our associates serve every day.


Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Our flagship charitable partnership is our decade-long relationship with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Rocky Mountain Chapter Light The Night fundraising campaign. To date, our associates, sponsors and events have raised more than $1.3 million to support patient care, advocacy and cutting-edge research to find a cure for blood cancers.

In 2007, we started out modestly with one event and raised approximately $3,000. In 2017, we hosted multiple fun, teambuilding events, including a golf tournament, poker motorcycle race, food and wine tastings, ski and bike races among other events, raising more than $266,000. Watch the video highlighting all the fun activities we hosted during the campaign.

We were honored to have one of our own champion the 2017 LTN campaign as the LLS Rocky Mountain Chapter Honored Hero was Quade Marks, the son of our associate Michelle Marks, Director, Global Product Marketing, Blood Center Segment. In this role Quade served as an ambassador for the campaign sharing his story of his journey with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).

Our Light the Night campaign has expanded each year to engage more associates around the world. Associates in the UK, Australia, Belgium, Singapore and other countries have partnered with local nonprofit organizations that also support ending blood cancer, including Leukemia & Lymphoma Northern Ireland and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Foundation in Singapore.



Donating Blood

Donating blood has always been a gift that Terumo BCT associates have given generously and freely.

In 2017, we hosted blood drives on our Lakewood, Colorado campus every 56 days with 259 units of blood collected in total—a 13 percent increase from 2016.



Supporting Global Healthcare

Global Blood Fund Project C.U.R.E. Mercy Ships
Global Blood Fund

Established in 2008, the Global Blood Fund (GBF), supports transfusion-related initiatives in more than 40 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. In 2017, the value of equipment donated approached $2 million and included multiple bloodmobiles sent to Africa and Mexico. Other recent endeavors include pan-African donor management workshops run in collaboration with the Africa Society for Blood Transfusion and the opening of a rural blood bank in Laos. Michael Lees, Terumo BCT, Vice President, Commercial, North America, said:

Terumo BCT and the Global Blood Fund share a commitment to serving patients by unlocking the potential of blood across the globe. We are honored to support GBF’s work serving those patients most in need, in parts of the world that are still developing their blood transfusion capabilities. Terumo BCT is proud to support GBF’s work to directly improve patient’s access to safe blood around the world.

Terumo BCT provided a $25,000 grant to GBF to combat the world transfusion crisis. The donated funds will be utilized for various projects to improve transfusion care in emergent nations. Among its programs, GBF provides donated blood banking equipment, delivers and sponsors training programs, and supports efforts to reduce the stark inequalities in access to safe blood that exist between higher- and lower-income countries. John Armitage, M.D., CEO of Oklahoma Blood Institute and Chair of GBF, said:

We are very grateful to Terumo BCT for its leadership in supporting better transfusion care for the majority of people across the globe who cannot be assured that blood will be available for them when it is needed. This gift will help fight the annual deaths of hundreds of thousands of women hemorrhaging during childbirth and young children under succumbing to malaria, injuries, other afflictions.
Project C.U.R.E.

Project C.U.R.E. is the largest provider of donated medical supplies and equipment to developing countries around the world. Terumo BCT has provided financial, in-kind and volunteer support to the organization. Mathew Long, Global Systems Performance Engineer and young professional ambassador for Project C.U.R.E. is one of several Terumo BCT associates who volunteer with the organization.

In May 2017, a group of 12 ambassadors, including Long, from Project C.U.R.E. and the Project C.U.R.E. Young Professionals Board were on the ground in Campeche, Mexico to accompany a shipment to support local clinics, elder care facilities and orphanages with more than $100,000 of donated medical supplies and equipment. Terumo BCT provided a grant to support Long’s participation in this clinic trip. According to Long, the team saw everything from orphanages with dirt floors, no beds and 20 kids per room to clinics in the jungle where only the indigenous language is spoken and the hospital is the last beacon of hope for many residents. These facilities are in desperate need, and Project C.U.R.E.’s targeted Needs Assessments ensures supplies that they truly need and use to save lives are delivered to the right people. Long shared:

Thanks to the generous donations from Terumo BCT, friends, and family, I was able to accompany a container of medical supplies to Campeche, Mexico and get a first-hand look at how all of the work we do locally can save lives and support communities globally. Thanks to Terumo BCT’s support of Project C.U.R.E., we are able to send Kits for Kids, baby incubators, hospital beds, gloves and everything in between. The impact the goods we send have on local communities cannot be overstated; and seeing the look of hope and joy on a mother’s face when she realizes her child will live thanks to the work we do is the most amazing feeling in the world. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities Terumo BCT has provided, and proud to represent Terumo BCT as one of the leaders on the Project C.U.R.E. Young Professionals Board.

In November, Terumo BCT was a $2,500 Full House sponsor for Project C.U.R.E.’s 7th Annual High Rollers for Health & Hope. Through the event Project C.U.R.E raised $125,000 to enable shipping five containers of medical supplies and equipment valued at $2.5 million to benefit disaster relief in Mexico.

When protective clothing requirements changed for our Lakewood cleanroom manufacturing facility, we donated $15,000 of lab coats and smocks to Project C.U.R.E.

Mercy Ships

As an organization serving blood centers, we understand the lifesaving power of blood. This need becomes even more critical when patients are being treated on a floating hospital serving some of West Africa's poorest nations. The Africa Mercy is the largest ship in the fleet of the non-profit organization, Mercy Ships—the world's largest non-governmental hospital ship with a volunteer crew of 1,000 professionals from up to 40 nations. The ship includes five operating theatres and has recovery, intensive care and low-dependency wards with 80 patient beds. Watch this video from Mercy Ships to learn more.

For nearly a decade, Terumo BCT has donated single and double blood bags to Mercy Ships. These bags are vital to the mission of Mercy Ships. Volunteer staff and crew on board the Africa Mercy regularly donate blood to meet the ship's transfusion needs for the 7,000 surgical interventions performed on board annually. As of June 2017, the ship was based in Benin, West Africa on its way to Cameroon.

Tim Costello, Vice President, Global Marketing, Blood Centers, said:

It is part of our mission, making sure that patients get the right product at the right time. Mercy Ships provides a connection to the patient stories we are proud of while serving patients in some of the most austere conditions in developing countries. It is satisfying to know that we are making a difference.

On average, Terumo BCT provides 1,000 blood bags in response to each annual or biannual restocking request received from Mercy Ships.

One patient who directly benefitted from Terumo BCT's support is Sambany. Hearing about Mercy Ships on the radio, 55-year-old Sambany walked for two days to get to the ship to remove a 16.45 pound tumor. Sambany received 17 units of blood from volunteer crew donors before and during his 12-hour surgery. Watch this short video to hear Sambany's story.

Investing in Local Communities

La da Monica
Supporting the Villappilsala community
Northern Ireland
Fundraising to Support Cancer Research
Giving Family Festival organized by TOUCH Community Services
United States
Veteran’s Day

La da Monica

Associates in Sao Paulo hosted a two-week fundraising drive in the office to support the Lar da Monica orphanage by purchasing food for the children. In total USD$280 was raised to purchase 45 kilograms of nutritional food for the children.

Carla Tschudar, Clinical Specialists Coordinator, delivered the contribution on behalf of Terumo BCT and shared, “We were greeted by Fernanda, who thanked the donations a lot and asked me to register the donation. I think the choice was very good. We are collaborating in a small way to help in the face of other constant difficulties. I reflected that our action was of great value to them. Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to represent Terumo, it was a rewarding moment.”

Supporting the Villappilsala community

Terumo Penpol (TPL) in India has an robust local corporate social responsibility program ranging from blood donation advocacy to supporting local schools and supporting government social initiatives.

Other supported healthcare initiatives include a stem cell donation drive, support to hemophilia and thalassemia patients, financial support for children with autism and physical challenges, and partnership with Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurgaon to focus on an anemia-free India. In conjunction with Hinduja Hospital, TPL provides a INR 60,000/month, one-year scholarship to transfusion medicine students.

We also partner with government hospitals providing them with donated computers and printers, as well donating sanitary items and toiletries. TPL assisted the Public Health Center to upgrade its facilities and provided financial support for a polio immunization drive.

In 2017 the Indian Prime Minister has given a call for “Swachh Bharat” as a mass movement to realize Gandhiji’s dream of a Clean India. As part of Swatch Bharath Drive, TPL supported Rotary in the construction of toilets at 4 local schools, initiated cleanliness campaigns in the schools to increase awareness of better sanitation and hygiene practices. We also partnered with the local Government of Kerala to support their focus on converting dumpsites to places of attraction, our support helped clear 36 dumpsites in Thiruvananthapuram.

C Padmakumar, Chairman and Managing Director shared, “The company has been actively engaged in CSR activities almost from its inception over 30 years ago. We did not know that it was CSR, we merely did what we felt was the right thing. As a business, we depend on our community and environment for various resources including natural and human resources. The symbiotic relationship between a business and its community forced us to think of ways in which we could give back to the community from which we draw sustenance. Our early CSR activities were modest and focused on supporting the Government schools in the panchayat where our factory is located and promotion of voluntary blood donation. We have built on these small beginnings and now have a more systematic and planned CSR program which continues to focus on the local community and the voluntary blood donation program. The program has also expanded to cover not just our immediate community but also worthwhile projects in healthcare focused on blood transfusion and blood disorders across the country. We are recognized by our community as a valued citizen which is in it for the long term. The local representatives of the people and the public at large appreciate the contribution that we have made to rural sports, education and health.”

Nelby Nelson, Company Secretary and Compliance Officer, Terumo Penpol, said, “Terumo Penpol has done appreciable service in promoting voluntary blood donation throughout India by creating awareness, organising blood donation camps, donor directories, Club 25 initiative supporting NGO’s promoting VBD, supporting Haemophilia and Thalassemia patients. The local community has benefited immensely from its initiatives in promoting education and sports in government schools and also support to quality healthcare apart from its efforts in supporting the environment through the initiative to promote green spaces by converting dumpsites to gardens. These initiatives apart from being an indigenous world-class company has garnered great respect for the Company as one which cares for its community. I am proud to be part of Terumo Penpol and its CSR team.”
Northern Ireland

Fundraising to Support Cancer Research

Our Larne office hosts a number of fundraising events to contribute to Leukemia & Lymphoma Northern Ireland (LLNI). Each year they also ask associates to nominate another charity to support and in 2017 selected the Macmillan Cancer Support Centre. Each of the two charities received £5,500 in 2017.

Fundraising activities included a cake sale, football competition and draw, prize drawings, craft sale, IT computer sale, cake decoration competition, ziplining across the Lagan River, among others. Associates also participated in larger community events including the Light The Night Mourne walk, the 4 peak Celtic Mountain Challenge ad Macmillan Row Your Boat on the Lagan.

Representatives from both organizations participated in Terumo BCT Patient Day and shared personal stories of the impact the organization’s support makes in the lives of those impacted by cancer.
Leukemia & Lymphoma Northern Ireland Charity Chairman Richard Buchanan said, “We are extremely thankful for all the support and awareness raised by the staff at Terumo BCT, an organisation which in itself plays a huge role for the survival of blood cancer patients. Well done to everyone that has participated in any of the many challenges and events throughout the past two years, your efforts have made a real difference!”

Giving Family Festival organized by TOUCH Community Services

From helping to conduct blood glucose screenings to measuring blood pressure, associates representing all Terumo subsidiaries in Singapore volunteered their time, knowledge and skills to benefit those in the community.

Terumo BCT associates partnered with colleagues from our Terumo sister companies to lend a hand during the Giving Family Festival organized by TOUCH Community Services, one of Singapore’s most established community service organizations. The event was held in conjunction with our company’s annual Patients’ Day, a community corporate effort to reconnect with our mission, and consider anew what it means to personally contribute to the advancement of healthcare. On Patients’ Day, associates also reflect on the value Terumo provides to society.

Associates also participated in a charity run and a fundraising bazaar, and some had brought along their friends and family members. Despite the physical demands under Singapore’s tropical heat, smiles of fulfilment were seen throughout. Associates were contended to personally contribute to frontline healthcare needs, while having an enjoyable time with each other.

“At this year’s Patients’ Day, we did not just transform our mission into actions, we also supported the Singapore national health agenda of diabetes prevention. I look forward to us continuing to reach out to the community that we live in and operate commercially, living our vision of “Contributing to Society through Healthcare” said Arase-san, Managing Director of Terumo Asia Holdings.
United States

Veteran’s Day

Our Lakewood headquarters proudly celebrated Veterans Day by assembling boxed lunches for Denver’s homeless veterans through Soldiers’ Angels and toiletry kits to be send to deployed military personnel through Operation Gratitude. Volunteers packed nearly 500 kits in less than 30 minutes! Associates also shared their gratitude by writing thank-you notes to include with each of the kits.

CEO David Perez, hosted a luncheon on our Lakewood campus for more than 60 Terumo BCT veterans. Rich Gonzales, Director, Grants Management and Government Sponsored Research and a former Colonel in the U.S. Army, will discuss his pathway to Terumo BCT.

In addition, we hosted a boot camp workout that morning and an online Yammer campaign for associates to recognize family and friends that have served in the military around the world.

Disaster Response

Global Disaster Response

Being socially responsible and conscientious corporate citizens is part of who we are at Terumo BCT—it is a natural extension of why our company exists. We have a deep commitment to our communities, our associates, our customers and the patients we ultimately serve. In times of disaster, these commitments become even more pronounced.

Terumo BCT made a $10,000 donation to support the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center's (GCRBC) Employee Assistance Fund in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center employs a staff of about 650, many of whom lost or suffered considerable damage to their homes or vehicles.

Following Hurricane Irma, Terumo BCT made a $5,000 donation to the OneBlood Foundation, an organization providing safe, available and affordable blood to more than 200 hospital partners and their patients throughout most of Florida, parts of Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina. Our donation support OneBlood’s Hurricane Irma Employee Assistance Fund.

With our Latin American regional office based in Mexico City, Terumo BCT was proud to support relief efforts following the 7.1 magnitude earthquake. We provided a $5,000 grant to the Red Cross. Through our office in Mexico City, we also donated blood bags valued at $6,000 to the Mexican Red Cross and chairs to the National Cancer Institute. Terumo BCT’s sponsorship of the Project C.U.R.E. High Roller event also benefitted disaster response in Mexico.

Following Hurricane Maria, Terumo BCT teamed with our Terumo sister companies on relief efforts. Terumo BCT made a $10,000 contribution to the Terumo Puerto Rico fund to provide monetary donations to 10 Terumo associates who suffered significant damage to their homes and properties.

In addition to direct donations, Terumo BCT encouraged associates to give blood through local donation drives and to utilize the company’s Matching Gifts program for their disaster response donations.

Associate Catastrophic Assistance Fund

Because we do not want our associates to face life-changing catastrophic events alone, we created an associate catastrophic assistance fund to provide financial assistance after a catastrophic event. In 2017, the fund benefitted two associate who received nearly $5,000 in assistance. More than 55 associates donated to the Catastrophic Assistance Fund through payroll donation contributing more than $7,000 annually. Since 2013, the fund has provided 13 grants to associates.