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Spotlight on performance measurement: Collection efficiency

​​​Collection performance measurements are an important consideration for apheresis collection sites. They can help you evaluate instrument performance and develop optimization techniques.​

Two common calculations used to measure collection performance on Spectra Optia are collection efficiency 1 (CE1) and collection efficiency 2 (CE2).

CE1 quantifies collection performance based on the pre- and post-count of the target cell, and CE2 quantifies performance based on only the precount of the target cell.1 For the purpose of this article, we will focus on CE2.

CE2, expressed as a percentage, is a measure of the quantity of cells collected from the quantity of cells processed by the apheresis instrument.2 CE2 can be calculated using the starting patient peripheral target cell count, the volume of patient blood processed through the device, and the total number of target cells in the collection bag:
Calculating CE2 for each collection can offer several benefits, including:
  • Determining when a cell collection process needs further review
  • Demonstrating overall device performance
  • Instituting a customized cell collection approach based on patient precount

Methodologies that can be used to customize a cell collection process include the Whole Blood Volume to Process calculation below and developing a prediction algorithm based on a site’s specific collection data. A customized cell collection approach can reduce the over-collection of cells, avoid under-collection of cells, decrease the patient’s exposure to citrate, and inform resource workflows within the apheresis clinic.

Below is a simple method to calculate how much whole blood needs to be processed for a target yield:
Want to discuss additional ways to increase performance?
Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies offers a service to help apheresis centers develop key performance tools. To learn more, email us​, and we’ll be in touch.

  1. Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies. White paper: CD34+ cell collection efficiency versus mononuclear (MNC) collection efficiency to analyze device performance. 2015. Part number TS-OPTI-01072.
  2. ​Neyrinck M, Vrielink H. Calculations in apheresis. J Clin Apher. 2015;30(1):38-42.​
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