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Corporate Citizenship Report:
Working Together for Better Lives
Corporate Citizenship Report       Improving Communities       Creating Opportunities       Protecting the Environment       Caring for Associates       Ethics and Compliance

FY 2017

At Terumo BCT, we are deeply committed to our vision of Working Together for Better Lives and our promise, Unlocking the Potential of Blood. One way we uphold these words is through our pledge to be a conscientious corporate citizen by conducting our business with the highest ethical standards in a way that provides social, environmental and economic benefits.

This report focuses on the impact we make in the communities where our nearly 7,000 associates live and work around the globe; the contributions we make to education and research to move healthcare forward; our environmental footprint; how we support and improve the lives of our associates; and the intentional way we conduct our business and treat our customers, partners and associates.



Improving Communities

Through charitable giving and community involvement, we give back to communities across the globe where we live and work.

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Creating Opportunities

Innovation is the cornerstone of our success. We extend this passion for creative collaboration by supporting educational programs, through partnerships, and by offering financial assistance for education and research at the cutting edge of innovation.

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Protecting the Environment

As a leading medical device manufacturer, we take the responsibility of continuously minimizing the environmental impact of our operations seriously.

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Caring for Associates

At Terumo BCT, we place great value on the care and well-being of our associates and offer a variety of ways to improve their health and productivity both in and out of the office.

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Ethics and Compliance

Because the work we do truly impacts lives around the globe, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and foster a culture of compliance.

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Our parent company, Terumo Corporation, is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact. This signing reflects Terumo’s agreement with the Ten Principles of the compact, which are related to human rights, labor practices, the environment and anti-corruption measures. Terumo BCT shares this commitment and has a strong business conduct and compliance program that defines how we treat our associates, customers and partners. The guidelines include acting with integrity, being truthful, complying with all applicable laws and avoiding the appearance of impropriety.


Letter from David Perez, CEO

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