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Protecting the Environment
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In May 2017, Terumo BCT’s Larne operations received the gold standard Industrial Symbiosis Award for demonstrating an exemplary commitment to industrial symbiosis (IS). Industrial symbiosis is an association between industrial facilities in which wastes or byproducts of one become raw materials for another. The award was presented at the Industrial Symbiosis—Business and the Environment Conference. Commenting on the award, Charlie said:

This award shows that International Synergies has recognized our company for doing our part over the years to do what all companies should be doing to reduce landfill with material that is waste to us but useful for others to use in some other fashion.

Terumo BCT has worked with ISS since 2012. Through Charlie's commitment to IS, we have been involved in four synergies to date resulting in cost savings, waste diversion from landfill and much more. One example was providing obsolete PCosa, a cleaning agent used in our water treatment plant that was not used any more, to a chemical cleaning company. Obsolete foil bags, old print foil and a large amount of polystyrene totalling eight pallets worth of materials were passed to a charity training company for use in insulation.

Currently, Terumo BCT Larne recycles 96 percent of its waste and is targeting a 100 percent recycling rate by 2020.



Recycling and Waste Management

  • Operating a solid waste diversion program, including recycling of vinyl, sheeting, vinyl tubing, trays, plastic bags and waste, cardboard/paper and wood waste, which diverts approximately 80 percent of waste annually from landfills, including:
    • 1.5 million pounds of plastic
    • 617,000 pounds of cardboard and paper
    • 216,000 pounds of wood
  • Recycling more than 34,000 pounds of machine parts annually
  • Recycling more than 7,100 pounds of used IT assets annually

Water Conservation

  • Redirecting steam produced in the manufacturing process to heat work spaces at our Larne, Northern Ireland facility
  • Installing a 1.25 million liter rain water harvesting system at our manufacturing plant in India
  • Recycling wastewater at our Vietnam manufacturing plant for irrigation of the onsite gardens

Energy Use and Carbon Footprint

  • Using a solar-powered system that generates 183 kilowatts per hour at our Lakewood, Colorado facility
  • Increasing energy efficiency at our Larne, Northern Ireland facility by replacing an old, inefficient cooling tower, which reduced electrical consumption by 31,500 kilowatts per hour
  • Decreasing energy usage from the previous year by 225,120 kilowatts per hour at our Larne, Northern Ireland facility by reducing the number of air changes per hour when the clean room is not producing product
  • Generating biogas from food waste to fuel the cafeteria cooking stoves at our facility in India
  • Providing electric vehicle charging stations at our Lakewood headquarters
  • Providing all Lakewood, Colorado associates with a free EcoPass to encourage use of public transportation to commute to and from work