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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Prepared Using the SmartPrep® System

SmartPrep System Platelet Concentrate (PC) Procedure Packs enable you to prepare a PRP product with high concentration and yield of platelets.
The PC procedure packs include a variety of high-quality tools you will need to conduct the procedure (excluding sterile gloves). A PC Process Disposable uses proprietary technology designed to generate concentrated PRP.

PC Procedure Packs

Catalog No. Description Hospital or Private Practice Blood Volume PRP Final Volume
51404 APC-30 Procedure Pack Hospital 30 mL 3 mL to 4 mL
51406 APC-60 Procedure Pack Hospital 60 mL 7 mL to 10 mL
51408 APC-120 Procedure Pack Hospital 120 mL 14 mL to 20 mL
51410 LP-10 Clear PRP Kit Both 10 mL (PRP) Variable
51400 PC-30 Procedure Pack Private Practice 30 mL 3 mL to 4 mL
51401 PC-60 Procedure Pack Private Practice 60 mL 7 mL to 10 mL

Procedure Pack Components

The components of each procedure pack vary depending on the application for which it is typically used. The most common components of the procedure packs are shown here.

SmartPrep System

Please see the appropriate part numbers below that enable the SmartPrep system to produce PRP. Unique tools are also available that allow the following delivery options: topical spray system, liquid application systems and enriched bone grafts.
Catalog No. Description
51472 SmartPrep System, 115 V
51486 WS-2, SmartPrep System, Workstation
51487 RC-2, SmartPrep System Rolling
Transport Case
51488 SmartPrep Balance Weight 20
51489 SmartPrep Balance Weight 30
51490 SmartPrep Balance Weight 60
51491 TA-20, Balance Weight/Tube Adapter 20
51492 TA-30, Balance Weight/Tube Adapter 30
51493 TA-60, Balance Weight/Tube Adapter 60

Risk Information: These procedures require needle access, possibly resulting in discomfort, tenderness, bruising, swelling, bleeding or pain at the access site, at which there is a small risk of infection. Lightheadedness, fainting, nausea or vomiting may occur. Before any medical procedure, review prescription and nonprescription medications and any natural or herbal remedies your patient is taking or plans to take.


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