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Medical-Grade Refrigerators and Freezers

Reliable Whole Blood and
Packed Red Blood Cell Storage


Stay focused on the needs of your blood center and your community with our blood bank refrigerators that provide confidence by ensuring product viability.

  • Two independent sensors control temperature at
    a range of 2 ºC to 6 ºC.
  • Even temperature distribution protects products
    from freezing.
  • Design provides holdover time of three and a
    half hours, with a backup battery for an
    additional 48 hours of temperature monitoring.
  • Safety features include operator alarms, locking doors and a key-operated power switch.
  • A range of available sizes helps meet your blood center's needs.

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Terumo BCT is the Exclusive Distributor in the U.S. and Canada.
Legal manufacturer and manufacturing site:
B Medical Systems S.à r.l.
17, Op der Hei L9809 Hosingen, Luxembourg



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