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1 JUL, 2013 - Terumo BCT Announces Recipient of 2013 Blood Safety Innovation Award

Donald E. Brooks, PhD, to investigate the prevention of bacterial growth and the shelf-life extension of transfusable platelets through the modification of the surface of platelet storage bags

LAKEWOOD, Colo.—July 1, 2013—Terumo BCT is pleased to announce that Donald E. Brooks, PhD, of the University of British Columbia, Canada, has been named the recipient of the inaugural 2013 Blood Safety Innovation Award. The award is part of a program that supports one or more grants up to $100,000 to fund innovative science and research that will generate novel blood safety practices.


  • The Blood Safety Innovation Award supports the investigation of novel scientific ideas, best practices, tools and standards for the advancement of blood safety.
  • Dr. Brooks will receive $100,000 to fund his approved research proposal.
  • Dr. Brooks and co-investigator Dr. Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu, professor and associate professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at the University of British Columbia, received the grant for their submission of a project titled, "Antimicrobial Platelet Friendly Storage Devices for the Prevention of Bacterial Growth and Extension of Shelf-life of Stored Platelets."
  • The study will investigate the prevention of bacterial growth and the shelf-life extension of transfusable platelets through the development of a novel modification to the surface of platelet storage bags to enhance their biocompatibility.
  • Dr. Brooks will publish the research results at the conclusion of the trial.
  • All decisions on funding are made by the Terumo BCT Grant Committee, which comprises four expert independent reviewers.
  • The 2014 Blood Safety Innovation Award will announce a Call for Expressions of Interest for scientific research grants focused on clinical use or innovation in blood safety in the fall of 2013.



Ray Goodrich, PhD, Vice President Clinical and Scientific Affairs, Terumo BCT

"It gives us great pleasure to make this award to Dr. Brooks and his research team. We were extremely pleased with the quality of proposals that were submitted by investigators. Dr. Brooks' project represented one with significant potential to benefit patients requiring blood transfusion. His study represents exactly the type of research program that this award was intended to help support and we look forward to the initiation of his work under this grant."

Donald Brooks, PhD, Professor of Pathology and Chemistry, University of British Columbia

"Platelets are very fragile, and also are vulnerable to contamination from the growth of common microbes that can be present in donors' blood. We are creating a peptide and polymer layer for the plastic packaging that would protect platelets from collisions with the container wall, and simultaneously prevent bacterial proliferation. By doing this, we hope to extend the shelf life of donated platelets, and relieve one of the biggest burdens to maintaining adequate blood supplies."



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