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10 OCT, 2008 - CaridianBCT Receives CE Mark for Mirasol® Pathogen Reduction Technology System

Treated Platelets stored in Platelet Additive Solution

LAKEWOOD, Colo.—Oct. 20, 2008—CaridianBCT, a leading global provider of technology, products and services in automated blood collections, therapeutic systems, whole blood processes and pathogen reduction technologies, announced today that it received CE Mark approval for expanding the product treatment range of the Mirasol Pathogen Reduction Technology (PRT) system for Platelets and adding the capability of storing treated apheresis-collected platelets in Platelet Additive Solution (PAS).  The Mirasol PRT system is a proprietary technology that uses riboflavin and UV light to reduce the levels of infectious pathogens and inactivate white cells from collected blood, improving the safety of transfused blood products.

The Mirasol System now allows the treatment of the broadest range of platelet product volumes and concentrations in the market today and provides the flexibility to store platelets in 100% plasma or an approved PAS solution. This enhancement incorporates and expands on all of the existing capabilities of the Mirasol PRT system for Platelets treated and stored in plasma. 
“Pathogen inactivation is an important safeguard to prevent infections in patients receiving blood transfusions and this approval demonstrates our commitment to satisfying our customers’ requirements for a flexible pathogen reduction technology,” said CaridianBCT Biotechnologies Senior Vice President and General Manager, Teresa Ayers. “Additionally, the Mirasol PRT system has the ability to save blood banks a portion of the costs associated with screening and testing blood components, while reducing the risk of transfusion-related adverse events."
This approval allows CaridianBCT to offer a product that is compatible with the use of PAS, which has become an increasingly widespread practice in Western Europe.  Benefits of this approach include: reduced adverse events in platelet recipients, increased plasma yield, and the associated economic benefits from selling the salvaged plasma to fractionators.

"This CE Mark expansion allows for broader use of the Mirasol PRT system, thus helping blood establishments to further improve the safety of the blood supply against known and emerging pathogens," said President and Chief Executive Officer David B. Perez. “We are committed to serving our customers, their communities and patients with the life-saving gift of blood by developing new innovations to increase the safety of the blood supply.”

About the Mirasol PRT Process
The Mirasol PRT system has been under extensive scientific research, development and testing since 1999 and has been evaluated for its effectiveness against a broad range of disease-causing agents including viruses, bacteria, parasites and white blood cells.  CaridianBCT recently received a CE Mark for the Mirasol PRT system for Plasma for transfusion. This expands the initial CE Mark approval of the Mirasol PRT System for Platelets granted in October 2007. The Mirasol PRT system is available for sale in countries where the CE mark is accepted.  It is not, however, available for sale in the United States.

The Mirasol PRT system is a groundbreaking new technology based on ultraviolet (UV) light and riboflavin (vitamin B2) that has the potential to reduce infectious pathogens and inactivate white cells in all three major blood components: platelets, plasma, and red blood cells. A unique feature of Mirasol is its use of riboflavin, a compound that has been shown to be non-toxic and non-mutagenic.  The residual riboflavin and any photoproducts produced during the process do not present any hazardous risks to the blood handler or patient, eliminating the need to remove it prior to transfusion.

About CaridianBCT
CaridianBCT Biotechnologies, LLC is wholly owned subsidiary of CaridianBCT, Inc. CaridianBCT, Inc. improves lives through innovation, quality and services delivered by its people, products and processes in blood component technology. It is a leading global provider of technology, products and services in automated blood collections, therapeutic systems, whole blood processes and pathogen reduction technologies—serving blood banks, hospitals and clinical and biotech research facilities. Headquartered in Lakewood, CO., the company has global operations in 32 countries and employs approximately 2500 people. Learn more at




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