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Press Release

COVID-19 Update on Terumo BCT’s Manufacturing in Trivandrum, India (Terumo Penpol)


Lakewood, Colo. — ​On March 24, 2020, the Government of India announced the need for stringent actions to contain the spread of COVID-191. The Order requires the closure of all activities other than essential services and manufacturing for 21 days with effect from 25 March 2020. Terumo BCT's facility in Trivandrum, India (Terumo Penpol) located in the state of Kerala, will be closed effective 12:01 pm, Wednesday, March 25 until the Order expires. The Trivandrum facility produces manual blood bags sets.

We confirm that current customer orders have been exported as scheduled up until the designated government closing time and that inventory levels are sufficient to meet customer needs during the shutdown.

We can further confirm that when the government clears the region to restart operations, whether in 21 days or on another date, our company has a strong raw material position to begin production at current levels. We plan to explore the possibility of resuming our operations sooner with the Government of India and our labor partners.

For the domestic market in India, we are working with our distribution partners to source supply to best meet critical customer and patient needs.

Finally, our inventory planning team is determining what Penpol products could be manufactured in our Vietnam facility if the shutdown continues beyond 21 days.

Terumo BCT has a comprehensive and established Business Continuity Policy in place, designed to safeguard our associates around the world and our ability to deliver products worldwide. Guided by this policy and our social responsibility to healthcare, we are committed to providing continuous support to our customers so they can continue their business operations during critical events.

We understand this is a dynamic situation and are fully committed to keeping you informed. 


1.    https://www.mohfw.gov.in/pdf/DOletter_secretary.pdf



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