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Viking BCT Wins Blood Bag Tender in Zimbabwe

We’re proud to announce that the National Blood Service Zimbabwe awarded Viking BCT with a three- to five-year blood bag tender. Terumo BCT will be the only supplier of blood bags, providing 100,000 top-and-top and top-and-bottom bags each year.


The tender was won thanks in part to our well-known Terumo BCT brand. But more importantly, we won thanks to the efforts of distributor Viking BCT, whose team went on-site to demonstrate how to produce buffy coat platelets to help meet the customer's need for high-quality platelets.

Included in the tender contract are 14 Archimede Automatic Blood Component Extractors to be placed in the five National Blood Service component labs spread across Zimbabwe. A team of experts from Viking BCT and Terumo BCT have already travelled to Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, to implement the first four Archimede extractors.

This was a huge step for the National Blood Service component lab operators because it helped them move away from manual expressors. The quality of the blood components was improved, and for the first time the blood bank was able to make high-quality pooled buffy coat platelets — a big step forward in servicing the patients in Zimbabwe.

A big thank you to Reg Jager, Vincent Shebenga and Carol Gould from Viking BCT and to Marcel Imhols and Charles Gakonya from Terumo BCT.


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