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Tools to Help Foster the PVA Discussion

Creating awareness and dispelling the myths about the safety of peripheral vascular access (PVA) remains an essential tactic in successful selling in the areas of neurology, sickle cell disease and nephrology. You learned how to address the misconceptions and were introduced to some resources at last year’s Team Ready event. But do you know about the new tools you can leverage to keep the conversation going?

Our PVA Strategic Objective

As a reminder, our objective is to change the perception of therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) with prescribers by creating awareness about PVA and stimulating usage of peripheral TPE with providers.


How to Start the Conversation

When engaging with your contact about PVA for the first time, we suggest the following protocol, supported by our PVA materials. 


  1. Ask the apheresis center about their vascular access practice. If peripheral access is used less than 50 percent of the time, start discussing the topic. Supporting materials to leverage:
  2. When the customer has shown interest in incorporating PVA into their practice, follow up with more in-depth information about the procedure. Supporting materials to leverage as needed:
  3. During the consideration phase, discuss what they have learned and ask about their action plan to increase peripheral access. Supporting materials to leverage:
  4. As you move toward the adoption phase, additional tools are available to support your efforts:
    • Reference Center at Aarhaus University Hospital who can share their experience and advice
    • List of providers that sell ultrasound devices for use with PVA (Note that this is an internal document only and should not be shared externally)


NEW Tools to Aid the Discussion

1.     PVA landing page, including links to the online training module, webinar and two new videos with our EMEA VA key opinion leaders (KOLs) Michaela Mayhew from London and Anne-Marie Thompson from Denmark.


2.     Five Reasons to Choose PVA, which can be used in the disruption or interest phases as a leave-behind.


3.     Three new webinars available via the PVA landing page (click on the Resources tab). A leave-behind listing all of the VA webinars that will be available in the coming weeks.

4.     Advancing Apheresis Award 2019 educational grant of USD 10,000. This year's topic is "Advancing Peripheral Venous Access Through Ultrasound-Guided or Infrared-Guided Cannulation." The award will be announced with a press release and open for submission mid-September.

Where to Get More Information

Tools that are available online are linked in this article for your convenience. For tools not linked here, contact your Terumo BCT therapeutics representative to get printed copies. Be sure to ask about resources that are available in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

If you need guidance on how to use these resources, contact your Terumo BCT therapeutics representative. Happy selling!

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