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Spreading the Word and Sparking Interest About Trima Accel 7 and TOMEs at ISBT

It was a full house at the 29th Regional Congress of the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) as Dr. Ana Arruga Manzano from the Centre of Transfusion of the Community of Madrid (CTCAM) presented results from their routine use trial (RUT) of Trima Accel® Automated Blood Collection System Version 7 and highlighted additional benefits from installing TOMEs (Terumo Operational Medical Equipment Software) Version 7.


CTCAM supplies blood components to 68 hospitals across Madrid, which has a population of 6.5 million. In 2018, CTCAM carried out more than 240,000 whole blood collections and more than 2,400 apheresis collections, and produced more than 500,000 blood components. CTCAM implemented Trima Accel 7 and TOMEs 7 in September 2018, with the goals of increased productivity and improved donor experience.


Meeting Goals, Pleasing Donors

CTCAM performed a retrospective analysis of 2,601 apheresis procedures used to collect single and double platelet products stored in platelet additive solution. Consistent with other RUTs in Spain, Belgium and Turkey, CTCAM experienced shorter collection times for both single and double platelet collections and a potential 41% increase in double platelet collections.*




Additionally, as an indicator of increased donor comfort, CTCAM saw a 36% increase in procedures with zero operator interventions (from 62.3% to 84.9%) and a decrease of 48% in procedures with one to five operator interventions (from 29.0% to 13.9%).




As mentioned above, TOMEs version 7 was also implemented along with Trima Accel 7, enabling automated data capture and the elimination of manual data transcription. This freed CTCAM’s operators to complete other tasks and focus more on donor well-being.


Capturing Attention

The presentation was well received and generated quite a bit of interest after the conference. In fact, Melda Ozdamar, MD, from Anadolu Sağlık Merkezi-Johns Hopkins Medicine Hospital Transfusion Center and Yasemin Heper, MD, from Uludag University Hospital Blood Center, both located in Turkey, reached out to Key Account Managers Pelin Kaya and Halil Fiden to ask about the presentation and get more details.


“We are really impressed by the performance data of Trima Accel 7 presented during the ISBT congress,” they remarked. “More productivity and fewer operator interventions? We would like our Trima Accel 6 devices to be upgraded to version 7 as soon as possible. When could you do it?”


Promoting Trima Accel 7 and TOMEs 7 — and You

That kind of feedback is exactly why we share customer stories, demonstrating that they are an impactful way to generate leads. We’ll continue to promote Trima Accel 7 with TOMEs 7 and present customer successes to continue to generate interest around the globe. And when we do, we’ll share those efforts with you so you can stay informed and be ready when customers or prospects contact you about a presentation they heard. Watch for more information in the News Ready portal under the hash tag #TrimaTOMEsNews. And as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Terumo BCT contact for more information. 



* This routine use trial was not designed to convert donors from single to double collections, however CTCAM calculated the theoretical donor qualification profile using the entire cohort of donors with Trima Accel versions 6 and 7.

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