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Reveos Comes to Russia

The journey that started in 2015 is finally coming to an end — the Reveos® Automated Blood Processing System, Reveos 3 Component Blood Bag Set and Reveos Platelet Pooling Set are now approved for sale in Russia.


After multiple delays and even one frustrating detour (Reveos was classified as a drug at one point!), it was becoming questionable whether Terumo BCT would be able to receive certification at all. But the team, including Anna Sabirova, Bart Romanus, Andrey Shevelev and Pascal Mercier, continued to work with Roszdravnadzor (RZN), the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare, to get it done.


Registration is challenging everywhere, but in Russia it is particularly difficult because it still relies on in-country testing and clinical data to approve medical devices, even if the device is already sold in other major markets. Additionally, the current device law, Resolution 1416, is reported to be especially challenging due to lack of transparency and a complex regulatory structure.


But, with the certification now official, our sales team and distributor partners can now focus on bringing whole blood automation to Russian blood banks. And there’s great potential waiting for them. In 2018, the Terumo BCT share of the market was an estimated 53 percent. With the way cleared to start selling Reveos, we should see sales steadily increase in the next 5 years.


Forward Progress

Throughout the Reveos certification process, we have also been working on other projects to help build the infrastructure needed to expand and strengthen our market share in emerging markets. For example, the Russian distributors have gotten support from three Terumo BCT salespeople, a Country Manager, commercial assistant, field support specialist and dedicated regulatory specialist, as well as a therapeutic apheresis subject matter expert to help with training and technical information.


Awareness-building tactics, including attendance at regional and national events, will continue and include international guest speakers. Dedicated marketing materials are also being developed and translated into Russian and sales tools are being developed to help distributors more easily demonstrate the savings and value to prospects. If you’d like to learn more about the tools and tactics in development or have specific questions, contact Pascal Mercier at pascal.mercier@terumobct.com.

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