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The Quantum® Cell Expansion System* is now available with the Research Use Only (RUO) Cell Expansion Set R17.**
Quantum® System
Cell Expansion System for Researchers
Rethink Cell Culture Right for Researchers Compare Processes Test the Possibilities Reproducible Results Materials
Working with adherent or suspension cells?
Consider the pros and cons of current cell culture methods. Automated cell culture goes beyond just producing cells. It offers additional value to researchers.

The additional benefits of culturing your cells within the functionally closed, automated system provide significant value compared to manual cell culture flasks.

While automation may have once been reserved for commercial organizations, now researchers can realize those same benefits of automation thanks to the Research Use Only (RUO) Cell Expansion Set,** which is designed for use in Quantum.

Your process can be optimized and configured on Quantum to match the needs of your particular cell type. Quantum will maintain the right environment while automating critical processes including feeding cells, removing waste and exchanging gases until it is time to harvest your cells.

Terumo BCT works with researchers around the globe, offering valuable support and insight into laboratory processes, including cell culture process development. Our customers know: our expertise can help you.

**Not for human or veterinary use
Quantum: Automated cell culture from Terumo BCT
Hands-on device: Researchers benefit from automated cell culture
Right for Researchers

The Quantum system allows you to depart from a traditional manual cell culture process and rely on an automated process so you can more easily perform these tasks:

Test variables

Reduce risk of contamination

Reduce the need for a clean room by implementing a functionally closed system

Complete your research on a scalable and reproducible device

The RUO Cell Expansion Set R17 bioreactor contains hollow fibers with a surface area of 1.7 m2 and is designed for efficient cell expansion in a minimal amount of space. In comparison, the commercial bioreactor—the Cell Expansion Set—with a surface area of 2.1 m2, is ideal for commercial work at later stages.

As a researcher, the success of your work is critical. Because the closed environment of the bioreactor remains intact during the cell culture process, the risk of contamination or failure is reduced. Open events and hands-on tasks associated with manual flask-based culture are no longer a concern.

Compare Cell Culture Processes

VIDEO: See how cell-culture flasks compare to automated cell culture

What if you tried something different? Changed a variable? Altered the environment? The functionally closed, automated Quantum system allows for ease and flexibility that flask-based methods simply cannot easily deliver. Fine-tuning your work becomes a natural part of your process.

Customize the Quantum system's predefined tasks to replicate the manual cell culture process for a range of cell types, including mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and fibroblasts. These tasks automate cell seeding, reagent addition, feeding and harvest. Cells are harvested in as little as 20 minutes.
Manipulate the cell culture environment, cell feeding and waste removal. Monitor and adjust key cell culture process parameters with an intuitive touch screen. The system can also be configured to match the needs of the operator, providing protocol flexibility.
Control your cell culture environment via temperature controls or with a direct gas connection that allows operators to make a wide variety of gas-blend connections to the Quantum system.
Research Use Only (RUO) Cell Expansion Set R17
Cell Expansion Set For Clinical Use
Surface Area: 1.7 m2 Surface Area: 2.1 m2
Usage: Not for human or veterinary use Usage: For human or veterinary use
Sterility Claim: No Sterility Claim: Yes
Reproducible Results

Would you like to feel confident that your cells are consistently reproduced the same way every time you run your procedure? Thanks to automation, you can stop wondering if your flasks are being turned at all hours of the weekend or if one operator's technique differs from another. Unlike flask-based methods where there may be a greater risk of operator error, such as failure or contamination due to the level of hands-on attention required, the Quantum system provides a defined and stable geometry that better allows for the control and management of the cell culture environment.

Prepare Now for Success Later

Even if your work is still in the early stages, you can look ahead and see it going on to clinical trials and ultimately commercialization. With the Quantum system, you can utilize the RUO Cell Expansion Set R17 during your early stages of research. After your work progresses, the cell expansion set designed for commercial use will meet your later-stage requirements. Early adoption of an automated cell culture platform such as the Quantum system can help reduce process complexity to give you increased oversight of your manufacturing process during scale-up or scale-out.

For access to manuals, instructions for use and other technical documentation, please log in or register.
*Customers are responsible for validating the use of the Quantum system to expand cells for their intended therapy.


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